Chapter 801 Probate Court: Administrative Provisions
Sec. 45a-2a
Chapter 801a Probate Court: Jurisdiction, Powers
Sec. 45a-98
Chapter 801b Probate Court Procedures
Secs. 45a-106a, 45a-136f, 45a-175, 45a-177, 45a-186, 45a-186a, 45a-186b, 45a-187, 45a-188 & 45a-193
Chapter 802 Fiduciaries
Secs. 45a-234, 45a-235 & 45a-242
Chapter 802c Trusts
Secs. 45a-473, 45a-474, 45a-477, 45a-482, 45a-484, 45a-485, Secs. 45a-487 to 45a-487f, 45a-487j, 45a-487k, 45a-487l, 45a-487m, 45a-487n, 45a-487o, 45a-487p, 45a-487q, 45a-487r, 45a-487s, 45a-487t, 45a-488, 45a-489a, 45a-491, 45a-499a, 45a-499b, 45a-499c, 45a-499d, 45a-499e, 45a-499f, 45a-499g, 45a-499h, 45a-499i, 45a-499j, 45a-499k, 45a-499l, 45a-499m, 45a-499n, 45a-499o, 45a-499p, 45a-499q, 45a-499r, 45a-499s, 45a-499t, 45a-499u, 45a-499v, 45a-499w, 45a-499x, 45a-499y, 45a-499z, 45a-499aa, 45a-499bb, 45a-499cc, 45a-499dd, 45a-499ee, 45a-499ff, 45a-499gg, 45a-499hh, 45a-499ii, 45a-499jj, 45a-499kk, 45a-499ll, 45a-499mm, 45a-499nn, 45a-499oo, 45a-499pp, 45a-499qq, 45a-499rr, 45a-499ss, 45a-499tt, 45a-499uu, 45a-499vv, 45a-499ww, 45a-499xx, 45a-499yy, 45a-499zz, 45a-499aaa, 45a-499bbb, 45a-499ccc, 45a-499ddd, 45a-499eee, 45a-499fff, 45a-499ggg, 45a-499hhh, 45a-499iii, 45a-499jjj, 45a-499kkk, 45a-499lll, 45a-499mmm, 45a-499nnn, 45a-499ooo, 45a-499ppp, 45a-499qqq, 45a-499rrr, 45a-499sss, 45a-499ttt, 45a-499uuu, 45a-499vvv, 45a-499www, 45a-499xxx, 45a-499yyy, 45a-499zzz, 45a-500, 45a-500a, 45a-500b, 45a-500c, 45a-500d, 45a-500e, 45a-500f, 45a-500g, 45a-500h, 45a-500i, 45a-500j, 45a-500k, 45a-500l, 45a-500m, 45a-500n, 45a-500o, 45a-500p, 45a-500q, 45a-500r, 45a-500s, 45a-519, 45a-520 & 45a-521
Chapter 802h Protected Persons and Their Property
Secs. 45a-616, 45a-653, 45a-667j & 45a-678
Chapter 803 Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption
Secs. 45a-715, 45a-716, 45a-717 & 45a-718
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