Chapter 163 State Board of Education. Department of Education
Secs. 10-10c, 10-10f & 10-10g
Chapter 164 Educational Opportunities
Secs. 10-16b, 10-16l, 10-16n, 10-16p, 10-16q, 10-16v, 10-16x, 10-16z, 10-16ss, 10-16tt, 10-16uu, 10-17g, 10-18b, 10-18c, 10-19m, 10-19n, 10-19o, 10-19p, 10-19q, 10-19r, 10-21j, 10-21l, 10-29a, 10-71, 10-76d, 10-76g, 10-76i, 10-76y, 10-76jj, 10-76xx, 10-91g, 10-91j, 10-91m, 10-95, 10-95i, 10-95q, 10-95r, 10-95s, 10-95u, 10-98a, 10-99f, 10-99g, 10-99h & 10-99i
Chapter 166 Teachers and Superintendents
Secs. 10-145a, 10-145b, 10-145d, 10-145f, 10-145l, 10-145w, 10-146c, 10-148a, 10-151, 10-155d, 10-156aa & 10-156ff
Chapter 167a Teachers' Retirement System
Secs. 10-183b, 10-183g, 10-183v, 10-183z, 10-183uu, 10-183vv & 10-183ww
Chapter 168 School Attendance and Employment of Children
Secs. 10-186, 10-193 & 10-194
Chapter 169 School Health and Sanitation
Secs. 10-203c, 10-212h & 10-217a
Chapter 170 Boards of Education
Secs. 10-220, 10-220a, 10-220l, 10-220p, 10-221a, 10-221d, 10-221o, 10-222d, 10-222i, 10-222n, 10-222q, 10-222r, 10-222s, 10-223j, 10-232a, 10-232b, 10-232c, 10-232d & 10-233d
Chapter 171 Town Management
Secs. 10-241c, 10-241d, 10-241e, 10-248a & 10-248c
Chapter 172 Support of Public Schools. Transportation
Secs. 10-253, 10-262i, 10-262j, 10-264i, 10-264l, 10-264q, 10-265n, 10-265aa, 10-265bb, 10-265cc, 10-265dd, 10-265ee, 10-265ff, 10-266p, 10-266q & 10-266r
Chapter 173 Public School Building Projects
Secs. 10-283, 10-285a, 10-286h, 10-287 & 10-292v
Chapter 174 Education of Persons Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired
Secs. 10-293, 10-295, 10-296, 10-297, 10-297a, 10-298, 10-303, 10-305, 10-306, 10-307, 10-308, 10-308a, 10-309 & 10-311a
Chapter 184b Department of Economic and Community Development: Culture and Tourism
Secs. 10-397, 10-397c, 10-399, 10-401a & 10-416c
Chapter 184c Office of Early Childhood
Secs. 10-514, 10-520, 10-520a, 10-520c, 10-530 & 10-531
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