TITLE 38a*


*See chapter 113a re municipal risk management pools.

Cited. 217 C. 631. Self-insurer not an insurer under title. 247 C. 442.

Chapter 697 Secs. 38a-1 to 38a-40 General Provisions
Chapter 698 Secs. 38a-41 to 38a-174 Insurers
Chapter 698a Secs. 38a-175 to 38a-229 Health Care and Related Service Groups
Chapter 698b Secs. 38a-230 to 38a-249 Prepaid Legal Services
Chapter 698c Secs. 38a-250 to 38a-270 Risk Retention Groups
Chapter 698d Secs. 38a-271 to 38a-282 Unauthorized Insurers Act
Chapter 699 Secs. 38a-283 to 38a-294 Insurance Contracts in General
Chapter 699a Secs. 38a-295 to 38a-304 Readable Language in Insurance Policies
Chapter 700 Secs. 38a-305 to 38a-399 Property and Casualty Insurance
Chapter 700a Secs. 38a-400 to 38a-429 Title Insurance
Chapter 700b Secs. 38a-430 to 38a-468 Life Insurance, Annuities, Burial Contracts and Life Settlements
Chapter 700c Secs. 38a-469 to 38a-594 Health Insurance
Chapter 700d Secs. 38a-595 to 38a-644 Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 700e Secs. 38a-645 to 38a-659 Credit Life, Accident and Health Insurance
Chapter 700f Secs. 38a-660 to 38a-662 Bail Bond Insurance
Chapter 701 Secs. 38a-663 to 38a-701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Chapter 701a Secs. 38a-702 to 38a-722 Insurance Producers, Agents and Third-Party Administrators
Chapter 701b Secs. 38a-723 to 38a-730 Public Adjusters
Chapter 701c Secs. 38a-731 to 38a-739 Certified Insurance Consultants
Chapter 701d Secs. 38a-740 to 38a-749 Surplus Lines Brokers
Chapter 701e Secs. 38a-750 to 38a-763 (Insurance Administrators) Reinsurance Intermediary Act
Chapter 701f Secs. 38a-764 to 38a-768 Fraternal Agents
Chapter 702 Secs. 38a-769 to 38a-801 Licensing
Chapter 703 Secs. 38a-802 to 38a-814 Mass Marketing of Personal Lines of Property and Casualty Insurance
Chapter 704 Secs. 38a-815 to 38a-835 Unfair and Prohibited Practices
Chapter 704a Secs. 38a-836 to 38a-893 Insurance Guaranty Funds
Chapter 704b Secs. 38a-894 to 38a-902 Federal Riot Reinsurance Reimbursement Fund
Chapter 704c Secs. 38a-903 to 38a-974 Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act and Termination of Domestic Life Insurance Companies
Chapter 705 Secs. 38a-975 to 38a-999b Connecticut Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act
Chapter 706 Secs. 38a-1000 to 38a-1029 Private Employer Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance
Chapter 706a Secs. 38a-1030 to 38a-1039 Charitable Gift Annuities
Chapter 706b Secs. 38a-1040 to 38a-1079 Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Chapter 706c Secs. 38a-1080 to 38a-1093 Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange
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