Chapter 473 Secs. 25-1 to 25-18 Water Resources (See Chapter 446i)
Chapter 474 Secs. 25-19 to 25-54 Pollution
Chapter 474a Secs. 25-54a to 25-54yy Water Pollution Control (See Chapter 446k)
Chapter 475 Secs. 25-55 to 25-66a Interstate Sanitation Commission (See Chapter 446f)
Chapter 476 Secs. 25-67 to 25-68a New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (See Chapter 446g)
Chapter 476a Secs. 25-68b to 25-68o Flood Management
Chapter 477 Secs. 25-69 to 25-102 Flood Control and Beach Erosion
Chapter 477a Secs. 25-102a to 25-102s Lower Connecticut River Conservation Zone
Chapter 477b Secs. 25-102t to 25-102z Oil Spill Containment
Chapter 477c Secs. 25-102aa to 25-102oo Upper Connecticut River Conservation Zone
Chapter 477d Secs. 25-102pp to 25-102xx River Protection
Chapter 478 Secs. 25-103 to 25-109b Soil Conservation (See Chapter 446h)
Chapter 478a Secs. 25-109c to 25-109p Niantic River Gateway Commission
Chapter 478b Sec. 25-109q Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers National Heritage Corridor (Repealed)
Chapter 479 Secs. 25-110 to 25-119 Dams and Reservoirs (See Chapter 446j)
Chapter 480 Secs. 25-120 to 25-121 Northeastern Water and Related Land Resources Compact
Chapter 481 Secs. 25-122 to 25-125 Interstate Water Compact (Repealed)
Chapter 482 Secs. 25-126 to 25-137 Well Drilling
Chapter 483 Secs. 25-138 to 25-159 Long Island Sound
Chapter 483a Secs. 25-160 to 25-169 Bi-State Pawcatuck River Commission
Chapter 483b Secs. 25-170 to 25-174 Housatonic River Estuary Commission
Chapter 483c Secs. 25-175 to 25-198 Bi-State Farmington River Commission
Chapter 483aa Secs. 25-199 to 25-199c Wild and Scenic Rivers
Chapter 484 Secs. 25-200 to 25-229 Protected Rivers
Chapter 485 Secs. 25-230 to 25-238 Multiple Use Rivers
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