TITLE 19a*


*Cited. 204 C. 399.

Chapter 368a Secs. 19a-1 to 19a-134 Department of Public Health
Chapter 368b Secs. 19a-135 to 19a-144 Public Health Nursing (Repealed)
Chapter 368c Secs. 19a-145 to 19a-174 Commission on Hospitals and Health Care (See Chapter 368z)
Chapter 368d Secs. 19a-175 to 19a-199 Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 368e Secs. 19a-200 to 19a-239 Municipal Health Authorities
Chapter 368f Secs. 19a-240 to 19a-249 District Departments of Health
Chapter 368g Secs. 19a-250 to 19a-268 Lung Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Illness and Breast and Cervical Cancer
Chapter 368h Secs. 19a-269 to 19a-269b Kidney Disease
Chapter 368i Secs. 19a-270 to 19a-294 Anatomical Donations
Chapter 368j Secs. 19a-295 to 19a-319 Cemeteries
Chapter 368k Secs. 19a-320 to 19a-328 Crematories
Chapter 368l Secs. 19a-329 to 19a-334 Carcinogenic Substances
Chapter 368m Secs. 19a-335 to 19a-344 Nuisances and Public Places
Chapter 368n Secs. 19a-345 to 19a-354 Houses of Assignation
Chapter 368o Secs. 19a-355 to 19a-369 Tenement and Lodging Houses
Chapter 368p Secs. 19a-370 to 19a-399 Treatment of Drug-Dependent Persons (Repealed)
Chapter 368q Secs. 19a-400 to 19a-419 Medicolegal Investigations
Chapter 368r Secs. 19a-420 to 19a-434 Youth Camps
Chapter 368s Secs. 19a-435 to 19a-444 Mass Gatherings
Chapter 368t Secs. 19a-445 to 19a-459 Council on Mental Retardation. General Provisions (See Chapter 319c)
Chapter 368u Secs. 19a-460 to 19a-484 Department of Mental Retardation (See Chapter 319b)
Chapter 368v Secs. 19a-485 to 19a-569 Health Care Institutions
Chapter 368w Secs. 19a-570 to 19a-580i Removal of Life Support Systems and Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Chapter 368x Secs. 19a-581 to 19a-599 AIDS Testing and Medical Information
Chapter 368y Secs. 19a-600 to 19a-609 Abortion
Chapter 368z Secs. 19a-610 to 19a-689 Health Systems Planning Unit
Chapter 368aa Secs. 19a-690 to 19a-692 Health Care Accreditation
Chapter 368bb Secs. 19a-693 to 19a-709 Managed Residential Communities
Chapter 368cc Secs. 19a-710 to 19a-749 Health Care Cabinet
Chapter 368dd Secs. 19a-750 to 19a-754b Office of Health Strategy
Chapter 368ee Secs. 19a-755 to 19a-899 Health Information Technology
Chapter 368ll Secs. 19a-900 to 19a-908 Miscellaneous Provisions
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