*Constitutional provision requiring state to maintain higher education system is made effective by title. 175 C. 586.

Cited. 34 CA 567.

Chapter 163 Secs. 10-1 to 10-14d State Board of Education. Department of Education
Chapter 163a Secs. 10-14e to 10-14h Proficiency Examinations (Repealed)
Chapter 163b Secs. 10-14i to 10-14l Private Occupational School Student Protection Fund (See Chapter 185, Part I)
Chapter 163c Secs. 10-14m to 10-14y Education Evaluation and Remedial Assistance
Chapter 164 Secs. 10-15 to 10-116s Educational Opportunities
Chapter 165 Secs. 10-117 to 10-144n (The University of Connecticut) Advisory Council for Professional Standards
Chapter 166 Secs. 10-144o to 10-159a Teachers and Superintendents
Chapter 167 Secs. 10-160 to 10-183a Teachers' Retirement System (Repealed)
Chapter 167a Secs. 10-183b to 10-183tt Teachers' Retirement System
Chapter 168 Secs. 10-184 to 10-202f School Attendance and Employment of Children
Chapter 169 Secs. 10-203 to 10-217g School Health and Sanitation
Chapter 170 Secs. 10-218 to 10-239k Boards of Education
Chapter 171 Secs. 10-240 to 10-248b Town Management
Chapter 172 Secs. 10-249 to 10-281 Support of Public Schools. Transportation
Chapter 172a Secs. 10-281a to 10-281gg Reimbursement Grants for Parental Equivalent Instruction Costs (Repealed)
Chapter 173 Secs. 10-282 to 10-292u Public School Building Projects
Chapter 174 Secs. 10-293 to 10-311a Education of Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
Chapter 175 Secs. 10-312 to 10-316a Education of the Deaf
Chapter 176 Secs. 10-317 to 10-320a New England Higher Education Compact (See Chapter 185a)
Chapter 177 Secs. 10-320b to 10-321g Connecticut Historical Commission (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 177a Secs. 10-321h to 10-321p American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 177b Secs. 10-321q to 10-321v State Historic Preservation Board
Chapter 177c Secs. 10-321w to 10-321cc United States Constitution Bicentennial Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 178 Secs. 10-322 to 10-334h State System of Higher Education (See Chapters 185 and 185b)
Chapter 179 Secs. 10-335 to 10-357 Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (See Chapter 187)
Chapter 179a Secs. 10-357a to 10-357g State Education Resource Center
Chapter 180 Secs. 10-358 to 10-368e Connecticut Student Loan Foundation (See Chapter 187a)
Chapter 181 Secs. 10-369 to 10-373z State Commission on the Arts (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 181a Secs. 10-373aa to 10-373bb Connecticut Humanities Grants
Chapter 182 Secs. 10-374 to 10-376 Compact for Education
Chapter 183 Secs. 10-377 to 10-379 State Museum of Connecticut History (Repealed)
Chapter 184 Sec. 10-380 Cultural Commissions (Repealed)
Chapter 184a Secs. 10-381 to 10-391 Native American Cultures. Policy Concerning Archaeological Investigations
Chapter 184b Secs. 10-392 to 10-499 Department of Economic and Community Development: Culture and Tourism
Chapter 184c Secs. 10-500 to 10-530 Office of Early Childhood
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