Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The House of Representatives was called to order at 11:32 o'clock a.m., Representative Rose of the 118th District in the Chair.

Prayer was offered by the guest Chaplain, Emily Luna of Manchester, Connecticut.

The following is the prayer:

Let us pray. Heavenly Father, who guides us and sustains us, bless our Legislators as they address the economic challenges that face our State. Let us keep foremost in our minds the needs of our citizens. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Emily Luna of Manchester, Connecticut.



On motion of Representative Juleson-Scopino of the 12th District, the first reading of the following bills and resolutions was waived, the list of bills and resolutions as prepared by the Clerks was accepted, and the bills and resolutions referred to the committees as indicated thereon in concurrence.


H.B. No. 5272 (RAISED) AGING. 'AN ACT CONCERNING VISITS BY NONAMBULATORY NURSING HOME RESIDENTS TO THE HOMES OF THEIR FAMILIES', to allow more nonambulatory nursing home residents to visit the homes of their families.


H.B. No. 5273 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ISSUES AFFECTING THE STATE', to require the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development to conduct an overview of issues relating to economic development in the state.

H.B. No. 5274 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE TERMS OF THE STATE POET LAUREATE AND THE STATE TROUBADOUR', to align the terms of the state poet laureate and the state troubadour.

H.B. No. 5275 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE BIOSCIENCE INDUSTRY', to require the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development to study issues relating to the state's bioscience industry.

H.B. No. 5276 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT AUTHORIZING BONDS OF THE STATE FOR THE RAILROAD MUSEUM OF NEW ENGLAND IN THE TOWN OF THOMASTON', to provide funding to the Railroad Museum of New England in the town of Thomaston for construction and renovations to the facility.

H.B. No. 5277 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT ELIMINATING LOAN FORGIVENESS FROM THE SMALL BUSINESS EXPRESS PROGRAM', to require the repayment of all loans made under the Small Business Express program.

H.B. No. 5278 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE ELIGIBILITY OF CERTAIN CONTRACTORS LOCATED IN DISTRESSED MUNICIPALITIES UNDER THE SET-ASIDE PROGRAM FOR SMALL CONTRACTORS AND MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISES', to allow contractors in distressed municipalities with less than thirty million dollars of revenue to qualify as small contractors under the set-aside program for small contractors and minority business enterprises.

H.B. No. 5279 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE HISTORIC PRESERVATION COUNCIL AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY WITH RESPECT TO HISTORIC PRESERVATION', to adjust the qualifications for members and add legislative appointees to the Historic Preservation Council and modify the powers of municipalities with regard to the historic or architectural character of properties or districts as they relate to the National Register of Historic Places and the state register of historic places.

H.B. No. 5280 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A BIOSCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT', to establish a tax credit for certain investments in bioscience and biotechnology businesses in the state that qualify for the "incremental" research and experimental expenditures tax credit under section 12-217j of the general statutes.

H.B. No. 5281 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A WORKING GROUP TO STUDY THE NEEDS OF TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS IN THE STATE', to establish a working group to provide legislative recommendations to address the needs of technology companies and software developers.


H.B. No. 5282 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE TASK FORCE TO STUDY THE HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS IN MUNICIPAL AND REGIONAL SHELTERS', to extend the reporting deadline of the task force to study the humane treatment of animals in municipal and regional shelters, and prohibit members of the task force receiving mileage reimbursement.

H.B. No. 5283 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION ZONES', to require municipalities to defend and indemnify neighborhood revitalization zone planning committees and their members in certain civil actions.

H.B. No. 5284 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE LYMAN DRIVE WATER MAIN PROJECT IN TORRINGTON', to extend the permissible bond authorization period for the Lyman Drive water main project in Torrington to thirty years.

H.B. No. 5285 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING AUTHORITY FOR MUNICIPALITIES TO EXTEND THEIR BUDGET ADOPTION PROCESSES', to authorize municipalities to extend their budget adoption processes for fiscal year 2018.

H.B. No. 5286 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT ESTABLISHING A MUNICIPAL OPTION TO PROVIDE PROPERTY TAX RELIEF TO CERTAIN RESIDENTS WITH HOMES DAMAGED BY NATURAL DISASTERS', to provide a municipal option to allow property tax relief for residents with homes damaged by natural disasters.

H.B. No. 5287 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A MUNICIPAL OPTION FOR PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENTS FOR ARTS AND CULTURE', to allow municipalities to provide property tax abatements to support and encourage the arts and culture.

H.B. No. 5288 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ATTORNEY'S FEES IN WRONGFUL PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT ACTIONS', to permit the recovery of attorney's fees in successful actions for wrongful property tax assessment.


H.B. No. 5289 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH'S RECOMMENDATIONS REGARDING THE CLEAN INDOOR AIR ACT', to implement the recommendations of the Department of Public Health to expand the Clean Indoor Air Act and prohibitions on smoking in the workplace.

H.B. No. 5290 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE OFFICE OF HEALTH STRATEGY', to make the statutory changes necessary to implement the establishment of the Office of Health Strategy.

H.B. No. 5291 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ACCESS TO INFORMATION REGARDING THE SAFETY OF SPORTS HELMETS', to provide consumers with access to information regarding the safety of sports helmets.

H.B. No. 5292 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT REQUIRING A STUDY OF THE LICENSURE OF BIRTHING CENTERS', to require a study of the independent licensure of birthing centers.

H.B. No. 5293 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE SALE OF ELECTRONIC NICOTINE DELIVERY SYSTEMS AND VAPOR PRODUCTS', to require the same direct, face-to-face sale of electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products as is required for the sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

H.B. No. 5294 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING NATUROPATHS', to amend the meaning of "naturopathy" and to establish a procedure for naturopathic physicians to administer prescription medications.

H.B. No. 5295 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE CERTIFICATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVES', to require the certification of pharmaceutical sales representatives.

H.B. No. 5296 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A STUDY TO IDENTIFY WAYS FOR STATE GOVERNMENT TO PARTNER WITH HOSPITALS', to require a study to identify ways for state government to partner with hospitals to enhance access to and affordability of health care and help meet hospitals' workforce and economic needs.

H.B. No. 5297 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION IN COLONOSCOPIES AND ENDOSCOPIES', to require continuing medical education in screening for rare and gastric cancers using colonoscopies and endoscopies.

H.B. No. 5298 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT ALLOWING DENTAL ASSISTANTS TO PROVIDE FLUORIDE VARNISH TREATMENTS', to allow dental assistants to provide fluoride varnish treatments.

H.B. No. 5299 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING TELEHEALTH PRESCRIBING FOR TREATMENT OF PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS', to (1) allow Connecticut licensed physicians to prescribe certain medications via telehealth for treatment of psychiatric disorders and change certain patient consent requirements; (2) add telehealth examinations; and (3) implement payment for parity for telehealth services.

H.B. No. 5300 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT REQUIRING A STUDY OF OPTIONAL ADMISSION INTO AN ADOPTION REGISTRY', to require a study of the feasibility of establishing an adoption registry for which registration is optional.


H.B. No. 5301 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT PERMITTING VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS TO PROVIDE TRAFFIC CONTROL AT CERTAIN EVENTS', to permit volunteer fire departments to provide traffic control on a state highway or municipal road during a special event of limited duration sponsored by a municipality or veteran, religious, civic, educational or charitable organization.

H.B. No. 5302 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ACCESSIBLE PUBLIC BATHROOMS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES', to require the State Building Inspector and the Codes and Standards Committee to amend the State Building Code to provide for the installation of one wall-mounted grab bar and one drop-down grab bar in public bathrooms.

H.B. No. 5303 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE STATE ACCREDITATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT UNITS BY THE POLICE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING COUNCIL', to (1) require law enforcement units to receive and maintain minimum accreditation standards developed by the Police Officer Standards and Training Council, and (2) require the chief of police or Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection to submit an annual report regarding pursuits by police officers.

H.B. No. 5304 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE FIREARM TRAINING NEEDS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION', to require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to conduct a study regarding its firearms training needs.

H.B. No. 5305 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS TO QUALIFY AN ENTITY TO DEVELOP A CASINO GAMING FACILITY IN THE STATE', to (1) require the Commissioners of Consumer Protection and Economic and Community Development to develop and issue a request for proposals to qualify a person, business organization or Indian tribe to develop, manage and operate a casino gaming facility in the state, and (2) repeal the authority of MMCT Venture, LLC, to operate a casino gaming facility in the state.

H.B. No. 5306 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF GAMBLING IN CONNECTICUT', to require the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development to issue a request for proposals for an independent research and professional service provider to perform a comprehensive study of all forms of gambling in the state and recommend a plan or model that implements any possible expansion of gambling in the state.

H.B. No. 5307 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING SPORTS WAGERING IN THE STATE', to require the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to adopt regulations to regulate sports wagering when federal law is enacted or repealed or a federal court decision is issued that affirms the authority of a state to regulate sports wagering.

H.B. No. 5308 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE ANONYMOUS COLLECTION OF LOTTERY WINNINGS', to exempt the name and residential address of any person who redeems a winning lottery ticket worth one million dollars or more from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act when such person requests nondisclosure and consents to the deduction of ten per cent of the lottery prize payment payable to such person.


H.B. No. 5309 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE PORT AUTHORITY', to implement the recommendations of the Connecticut Pilot Commission.

H.B. No. 5310 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE LICENSING OF NEW AND USED CAR DEALERS', to authorize the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to issue a new or used car dealer's license to an electric vehicle manufacturer.

H.B. No. 5311 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE FEE CHARGED BY CONTRACTORS FOR A LICENSE, IDENTITY CARD OR REGISTRATION TRANSACTION', to increase the maximum convenience fee a contractor and municipality may charge for a license or identity card renewal or duplication or a registration transaction from five dollars to eight dollars.

H.B. No. 5312 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES REGARDING THE MOTOR VEHICLE STATUTES', to revise the motor vehicle statutes as recommended by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

H.B. No. 5313 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT REVISING MOTOR VEHICLE STATUTES', to make technical revisions to motor vehicle statutes.

H.B. No. 5314 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION', to make technical changes and incorporate recommendations from the Department of Transportation.

H.B. No. 5315 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING RAILS', to authorize Central New England Railroad Company the authority to establish a railroad police department and employ POST-certified police officers.


H.B. No. 5316 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING VETERANS' AFFAIRS', to make a conforming change.

H.B. No. 5317 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MUNICIPAL VETERANS' REPRESENTATIVES', to change references from "veterans' service contact person" to "municipal veterans' representative" and to permit volunteers to serve as such representatives.

H.B. No. 5318 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE OFFERING OF CERTAIN MOTOR VEHICLES FROM THE STATE MOTOR POOL TO VETERANS' CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS', to allow surplus vehicles from the state motor pool to be provided to veterans' charitable organizations for donation to certain disabled combat veterans with a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

H.B. No. 5319 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING FUNDS HELD BY VETERANS' CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS', to deposit into the institutional general welfare fund of the Department of Veterans Affairs any funds received from the sale of property of veterans' charitable organizations presumed abandoned.


H.B. No. 5320 (RAISED) GENERAL LAW. 'AN ACT CONCERNING OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING AND BUILDING TRADES', to adopt regulations regarding occupational licensing and the building trades.

H.B. No. 5321 (RAISED) GENERAL LAW. 'AN ACT CONCERNING CONSUMER PROTECTION', to adopt regulations regarding consumer protection.


S.B. No. 257 (RAISED) AGING. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE OFFICE OF THE LONG-TERM CARE OMBUDSMAN', to expand the duties of the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman to include home and community-based services and to house the office within the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

S.B. No. 258 (RAISED) AGING. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE EXEMPTION OF PROBATE-COURT APPROVED CONSERVATOR AND FIDUCIARY FEES FROM MEDICAID INCOME ELIGIBILITY AND ASSET TRANSFER DETERMINATIONS', to exempt from Medicaid income eligibility and asset transfer determinations conservator and fiduciary fees approved by the Probate Court and assessed to a Medicaid applicant or recipient.

S.B. No. 259 (RAISED) AGING. 'AN ACT CONCERNING SENIOR CENTERS', to provide for the establishment of a multipurpose senior center and a senior center work group, and to provide assistance to senior centers and municipal services for aging persons.


S.B. No. 260 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT AUTHORIZING ADDITIONAL USES OF FUNDS AVAILABLE TO CTNEXT', to allow CTNext to use unexpended bond funds for additional activities when such funds are available in fiscal years subsequent to their deposit.

S.B. No. 261 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT EXTENDING THE MANUFACTURING APPRENTICESHIP TAX CREDIT TO PASS-THROUGH ENTITIES', to allow certain business entities to claim the manufacturing apprenticeship tax credit against the personal income tax.

S.B. No. 262 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING CERTAIN REPORTING REQUIREMENTS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT', to require the Department of Economic and Community Development to include in its annual report information on tax incentive programs administered by other state agencies, but not all business assistance programs administered by other agencies, and to eliminate the Sports Advisory Board report and a certain workforce development report.

S.B. No. 263 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT ELIMINATING CERTAIN UNCLAIMED AND SELDOM CLAIMED TAX CREDITS', to eliminate the enterprise zone tax credit for qualifying corporations, the service facility tax credit and the manufacturing facility tax credit for facilities located in an enterprise zone.

S.B. No. 264 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT ELIMINATING THE REGIONAL TOURISM DISTRICTS', to eliminate tourism districts in an effort to concentrate on state-wide tourism funding.

S.B. No. 265 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING EXPEDITED PERMITTING BY THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION FOR BUSINESS INITIATION, EXPANSION OR NEW PRODUCTION', to establish a process for expedited permitting by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for permits required for business initiation, physical expansion or production of new products.

S.B. No. 266 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING INCENTIVES TO ENCOURAGE THE GROWTH OF BIOSCIENCE VENTURE CAPITAL IN CONNECTICUT', to exempt from the personal income tax certain income received by general partners of venture capital firms.

S.B. No. 267 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING CONNECTICUT INNOVATIONS, INCORPORATED AND PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTMENT', to require Connecticut Innovations, Incorporated to study private equity investment in the state.

S.B. No. 268 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT INCREASING THE TERM LIMIT FOR LOANS UNDER THE TARGETED BROWNFIELD DEVELOPMENT LOAN PROGRAM', to extend the maximum loan term under the targeted brownfield development loan program from twenty years to thirty years.

S.B. No. 269 (RAISED) COMMERCE. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE ASSESSMENT OF CIVIL PENALTIES AGAINST SMALL BUSINESSES BY THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION', to permit certain businesses to remediate first-time regulatory violations without financial penalty if such remediation is done in a timely manner.


S.B. No. 270 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING WORK AND COMMUNITY SERVICE REQUIREMENTS FOR RECIPIENTS OF CERTAIN PUBLIC ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS', to require work and community service by able-bodied, adult recipients of Medicaid and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.


S.B. No. 271 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT EXEMPTING CERTAIN TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY OWNED BY A BUSINESS FROM THE PROPERTY TAX', to exempt from the property tax a business's tangible personal property that is more than ten years old and had an original value of not more than two hundred fifty dollars.

S.B. No. 272 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MUNICIPAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS', to require municipalities to hold public hearings on proposed construction projects with a value of more than twenty-five million dollars.


S.B. No. 274 (RAISED) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE ASSESSMENT OF MUNICIPAL TAXES ON CERTAIN RESIDENTIAL DWELLINGS', to require that land on which a one, two, three or four-family residential dwelling is planned for construction, is under construction or has been constructed is assessed exclusive of the value of such dwelling until a certificate of occupancy is issued for such dwelling, the dwelling is used for its intended purpose or title to such dwelling is conveyed to a buyer that intends to use such dwelling for its intended purpose.


S.B. No. 275 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING GOOD SAMARITAN PROTECTIONS FOR FIRST RESPONDERS AND ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS WHO RENDER EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TO ANIMALS', to extend civil immunity under the Good Samaritan law to first responders and animal control officers who provide emergency medical assistance to animals.

S.B. No. 276 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING OFF-TRACK BETTING FACILITIES', to prohibit the acceptance of off-track betting wagers and advance deposit wagers by any person or business organization other than the authorized operator of the off-track betting system.

S.B. No. 277 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ONLINE LOTTERY DRAW GAMES', to (1) authorize the Connecticut Lottery Corporation to offer certain online lottery games, (2) exempt certain records concerning the corporation's voluntary self-exclusion process from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, and (3) increase the corporation's contribution to the chronic gamblers treatment rehabilitation account.

S.B. No. 278 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS TRAINING AND SUICIDE PREVENTION FOR POLICE OFFICERS', to promote mental health and wellness training and suicide prevention for police officers in the state.

S.B. No. 279 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT EXEMPTING THE DATE OF BIRTH OF A POLICE OFFICER FROM DISCLOSURE UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT', to exempt the date of birth of a police officer from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

S.B. No. 280 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE CONNECTICUT LOTTERY CORPORATION', to require the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management to issue a request for proposals for independent valuation services and actuarial services to determine the impact of the possible contribution of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation to the state retirement systems.

S.B. No. 281 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING SMALL HOT WATER HEATERS, CERTAIN CERTIFICATIONS BY STATE AGENCIES AND THE CONNECTICUT AIRPORT AUTHORITY, COMMUNICATION WITH THE STATE BUILDING INSPECTOR AND STATE FIRE MARSHAL AND REVISIONS TO OTHER STATUTES RELATED TO BUILDINGS AND FIRE SAFETY', to (1) add an exemption concerning small water heaters from the provisions of chapter 540 of the general statutes, (2) delete the requirement that state agencies and the Connecticut Airport Authority certify that plans and projects comply with the State Building Code and Fire Safety Code, (3) eliminate the legislature's ability to revise the implementation date for state and Connecticut Airport Authority buildings, (4) eliminate the requirement that certain applications be mailed to the State Building Inspector and State Fire Marshal, (5) require plans of buildings or structures to be constructed to comply with the State Fire Prevention Code, (6) repeal the requirement that the Commissioner of Administrative Services conduct a certain educational program, and (7) repeal the statutory authority of a local fire marshal to order the removal of fire hazards from manufacturing establishments.

S.B. No. 282 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT INCREASING THE PENALTIES FOR THE INTENTIONAL INJURY OR KILLING OF POLICE ANIMALS OR DOGS IN VOLUNTEER CANINE SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAMS', to increase the penalties for intentionally injuring or killing any police animal or dog that is a member of a volunteer canine search and rescue team.

S.B. No. 283 (RAISED) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. 'AN ACT ALLOWING POLICE OFFICERS TO OBTAIN INFORMATION TO BE FURNISHED RELATIVE TO FIRE LOSSES', to allow federal, state and local law enforcement officers to obtain insurance records from insurance companies to aid in the investigation of fires or explosions of an undetermined or incendiary origin.


S.B. No. 284 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING BENEFITS FOR CERTAIN VETERANS WHO HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER OR TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY OR WHO HAVE HAD AN EXPERIENCE OF MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA', to expand eligibility for certain veterans benefits to certain individuals who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury or who have had an experience of military sexual trauma.

S.B. No. 285 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING VETERANS', to make a conforming change.

S.B. No. 286 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES', to make a minor and technical change.

S.B. No. 287 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT EXPANDING ELIGIBILITY FOR CERTAIN VETERANS BENEFITS', to expand eligibility for certain veterans benefits to certain individuals (1) discharged or released from service, not active service, in the armed forces, (2) separated early from wartime service as a result of injuries incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, and (3) who have not resided continuously in the state for at least two years.

S.B. No. 288 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT EXPANDING CERTAIN VETERANS' ACCESS TO PUBLIC ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS', to require that pension benefits granted to certain veterans by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs be disregarded when determining income eligibility for certain state Medicare programs.

S.B. No. 289 (RAISED) VETERANS' AFFAIRS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING FUNDING OF THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS', to appropriate two million dollars to the Department of Veterans Affairs.


S.B. No. 290 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ROADWAY SAFETY', to (1) increase the penalty for failing to drive a reasonable distance apart from another motor vehicle if such failure results in an accident, (2) require children fifteen years of age or under to wear protective headgear when skateboarding, roller skating or in-line skating, and (3) permit the use of neighborhood electric vehicles on highways with an established speed limit of no more than thirty miles per hour.

S.B. No. 291 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES', to require the Department of Motor Vehicles to study issues relating to autonomous vehicles.

S.B. No. 292 (RAISED) TRANSPORTATION. 'AN ACT CONCERNING PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS', to amend the current public-private partnership statutes and enhance the Department of Transportation's ability to utilize these agreements in designing, developing, financing, constructing, operating or maintaining projects.


S.B. No. 293 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING POSTGRADUATE TRAINING FOR DENTISTS', to allow the satisfactory completion of a postdoctoral dental residency program of at least one year's duration to substitute for the clinical licensing examination requirement for licensure.

S.B. No. 294 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE PSYCHIATRIC SECURITY REVIEW BOARD', to amend the Psychiatric Review Board process on intra-hospital transfers and to make the commitment process conform to the psychiatric model.


S.B. No. 296 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT ESTABLISHING A PILOT PROGRAM TO SERVE PEOPLE SEEKING RESIDENTIAL SERVICES FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES', to establish a pilot program to better serve people waiting for residential services from the Department of Developmental Services.


S.B. No. 298 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING BURIAL AND CREMATION IN CASES OF SPONTANEOUS FETAL DEMISE', to allow the burial or cremation of a fetus following spontaneous fetal demise.

S.B. No. 299 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING OWNERSHIP OF SURGICAL FACILITIES BY DENTISTS', to extend ownership of outpatient surgical facilities to dentists.


S.B. No. 301 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MASSAGE THERAPISTS', to increase the required hours of training for massage therapists, allow massage therapists from other states to provide massage therapy to emergency medical services personnel, first responders and supplemental first responders, and require massage therapists to obtain liability insurance.

S.B. No. 302 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING TELEHEALTH SERVICES', to add providers who can administer telehealth services and to modify and clarify patient consent procedures.

S.B. No. 303 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING URGENT CARE CENTERS', to protect patients from unexpected costs and fees.

S.B. No. 304 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT ESTABLISHING A MATERNITY MORTALITY REVIEW COMMITTEE WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH', to identify causes of and trends in maternity mortality and gaps in the health care delivery system and develop recommendations for best practices to prevent future deaths.

S.B. No. 305 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT REQUIRING THE LABELING OF PRODUCTS CONTAINING FLAME RETARDANTS', to reduce exposure to unsafe flame retardant chemicals.

S.B. No. 306 (RAISED) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF PODIATRISTS TO PERFORM STANDARD ANKLE SURGICAL PROCEDURES', to permit the Connecticut Board of Examiners in Podiatry to approve podiatrists to perform standard ankle surgical procedures.


S.B. No. 307 (RAISED) GENERAL LAW. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR', to streamline the alcoholic liquor permitting process.

S.B. No. 308 (RAISED) GENERAL LAW. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION', to efficiently organize the Department of Consumer Protection.


On motion of Representative Juleson-Scopino of the 12th District, the House adjourned at 11:33 o'clock a.m., to meet again at the Call of the Chair.