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LCO No.: 5872

File Copy No.: 460

House Calendar No.: 557

Senate Calendar No.: 283

OFA Fiscal Note

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The amendment increases the aggregate total megawatts cap available to customers using a procurement and tariff offered by an EDC under the bill's low-emission, zero-emission, and shared clean energy programs. It sets the cap at 170 MW in year one and increases it incrementally for the shared clean energy program.

Additionally, the amendment requires PURA to monitor the competitiveness of any procurement authorized under these three programs and allows it to adjust the annual purchase amount or other procurement parameters to maintain competitiveness. Any megawatts unallocated in any given year must not roll into the next year's available megawatts. The obligation to purchase energy and RECs must be apportioned to the EDCs based on their respective distribution system loads, as determined by PURA.

This may result in a minimal increase in electricity rates paid by the state and municipalities.

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