PA 18-78—SB 256

Government Administration and Elections Committee


SUMMARY: Beginning with the 2019 legislative session, this act requires that a racial and ethnic impact statement (REIS) be prepared, at the request of any legislator, for certain bills and amendments. Under prior law and the legislature's Joint Rules, these statements were prepared after a legislative committee favorably reported a bill, at the request of a majority of the members present, for bills and amendments that could potentially change correctional facilities' pretrial or sentenced populations.

The act establishes the following deadlines for making REIS requests in a regular session:

1. within 10 days after the originating committee's reporting deadline, for favorably reported bills, and

2. at least 10 days before adjournment, for amendments.

The act allows the Government Administration and Elections Committee to make recommendations for a provision in the Joint Rules concerning the procedure for preparing the statements, their content, and the types of bills and amendments for which they should be prepared. Prior law required the Judiciary Committee to make these recommendations by January 1, 2009, which both chambers adopted as Joint Rule 15(c)(2).

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2018


Joint Rule 15(c)(2)

Under Joint Rule 15(c)(2), if a committee favorably reports a bill that would increase or decrease correctional facilities' pretrial or sentenced populations, a majority of the committee members present may request that a REIS be prepared. The Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis must prepare the statement and, in doing so, may consult with any person or agency, including the judicial branch, Office of Policy and Management, Department of Correction, and Connecticut Sentencing Commission.

The REIS must indicate (1) whether the bill would have a disparate impact on correctional facilities' racial and ethnic composition and if so, why; (2) that it cannot be determined whether there would be such a disparate impact; or (3) that there is insufficient time to determine whether there would be such a disparate impact. It is included with the bill's file copy.