PA 18-19—sSB 437

Human Services Committee


SUMMARY: This act makes several changes related to data sharing in the statewide Two-Generational Initiative, which fosters family economic self-sufficiency in low-income households through a comprehensive two-generational service delivery approach.

By September 1, 2018, the act requires the Two-Generational Advisory Council to consult with the Attorney General's Office, the Office of Policy and Management, and the Connecticut Preschool through Twenty and Workforce Information Network (CP20 WIN) to develop a uniform approach to facilitate data sharing among the initiative's partner agencies in accordance with state and federal law.

Existing law requires the council, by December 31, 2018, to report certain information (e.g., recommendations to eliminate barriers to the initiative's success) to designated legislative committees. The act requires this report to include recommendations to improve data sharing among partner agencies. It also adds the Labor Committee to the list of report recipients.

By law, the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is the initiative's coordinating agency for the executive branch. The act specifies that OEC's responsibilities include coordinating the initiative's agency efforts and data sharing.

The act also requires the Department of Social Services commissioner to disclose certain information to the labor and OEC commissioners for initiative-related purposes.

It also makes technical changes.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage