Connecticut Seal

General Assembly



January Session, 2017

LCO No. 8776



Offered by:


SEN. FASANO, 34th Dist.

SEN. MCLACHLAN, 24th Dist.


To: Subst. House Bill No. 5589

File No. 806

Cal. No. 549


After the last section, add the following and renumber sections and internal references accordingly:

"Sec. 501. Subdivision (3) of subsection (j) of section 9-705 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage):

(3) If a participating candidate who is nominated for election does not have any opponent in the general election campaign, the [amount of the general election campaign grant for which the qualified candidate committee for said candidate shall be eligible shall be thirty per cent of the applicable amount set forth in subsections (a) to (i), inclusive, of this section] qualified candidate committee for said candidate shall be ineligible for a general election campaign grant. For purposes of this subdivision, a participating candidate shall be deemed to have an opponent if (A) a major party has properly endorsed any other candidate and made the requisite filing with the Secretary of the State within the time specified in section 9-391 or 9-400, as applicable, (B) any candidate of any other major party has received not less than fifteen per cent of the vote of convention delegates and has complied with the filing requirements set forth in section 9-400, or (C) any candidate of any other major party has circulated a petition and obtained the required number of signatures for filing a candidacy for nomination and has either qualified for the primary or been deemed the party's nominee; "

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Sec. 501

from passage