Judiciary Committee


Monday, May 22, 2017

9:00 AM in Room 2C of the LOB


I. To be an Appellate Court Judge:

1. The Honorable Nina F. Elgo of West Hartford

2. The Honorable Maria Araujo Kahn of Cheshire

II. To be a Judge of the Superior Court:

1. Barry F. Armata of Suffield

2. Matthew J. Budzik of East Haddam

3. John L. Cordani of Wolcott

4. Matthew D. Gordon of West Hartford

5. Ernest Green, Jr. of Norwich

6. Kimberly A. Knox of West Hartford

7. Margaret M. Murphy of West Hartford

8. Shari Murphy of North Branford

9. Tammy Nguyen-O'Dowd of Bloomfield

10. W. Glen Pierson of Hamden

11. Walter M. Spader, Jr. of North Haven

12. Elizabeth J. Stewart of Hamden

13. Thomas J. Welch of Shelton

III. To be a Family Support Magistrate:

1. The Honorable David A. Dee of Avon

2. The Honorable Michael L. Ferguson of Meriden

3. The Honorable Frederic Gilman of East Hampton

4. The Honorable Gladys Idelis Nieves of New Haven

5. The Honorable Norma I. Sanchez-Figueroa of South Windsor

6. The Honorable Jed N. Schulman of Farmington

IV. To be a Family Support Referee:

1. The Honorable Katherine Y. Hutchinson of Andover

2. The Honorable Harris T. Lifshitz of East Hartford

3. The Honorable Sandra Sosnoff Baird of New Haven

4. The Honorable William E. Strada, Jr. of Stamford

V. To be a Workers' Compensation Commissioner:

1. Robert A. D'Andrea of Litchfield

2. Brenda D. Jannotta of Southport

3. Peter C. Mlynarczyk of Haddam

4. Charles F. Senich of Woodbury