Monday, March 20, 2017

The Senate was called to order at 11: 48 a. m. in accordance with the provisions of Senate Rule 9(f), and under the authority of the President Pro Tempore and the Senate Republican Leader.

The prayer was offered by Acting Chaplain, Noele R. Kidney of Ellington, Connecticut.

The following is the prayer:

In these difficult times, may our leaders find in their hearts the guidance and wisdom to do what is best for the people of Connecticut.

Pursuant to Senate Rule 9(f) the Senate is called into Session, by the Office of the Senate Clerk's under the authority of the President Pro Tempore and the Senate Republican Leader.

It is hereby moved that Senate Agenda Number 1, dated March 20, 2017, is adopted, the items on said Agenda shall be acted upon as indicated and that the Agenda shall be incorporated into the Senate Journal and Senate Transcript.



In accordance with the provisions of Senate Rule 9(f), the first reading of the following bills and resolutions was waived, the list of bills and resolutions as prepared by the Clerks was accepted, and the bills and resolutions referred to the Committees as indicated thereon in concurrence:


S. B. No. 85 (COMM) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE TRAINING OF INDIVIDUALS STAFFING RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES LICENSED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH', to ease the burden placed on residential care homes licensed by the Department of Public Health.

S. B. No. 250 (COMM) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING CLINICAL PLACEMENTS FOR IN-STATE MEDICAL STUDENTS', to require the establishment of a working group to develop criteria for placement of medical students in a clinical clerkship program at hospitals in the state.


S. B. No. 536 (COMM) ENERGY AND TECHNOLOGY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ESTABLISHING A STATE-WIDE PLAN AND PROCESS FOR SITING SMALL CELL ANTENNA AND DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS', to require a state-wide plan and process for siting small cell antenna and distributed antenna systems.

H. B. No. 6306 (COMM) ENERGY AND TECHNOLOGY. 'AN ACT ESTABLISHING A GREEN BUILDING TASK FORCE', to establish a green building task force.


H. B. No. 6487 (COMM) PUBLIC HEALTH. 'AN ACT CONCERNING LACTATION CONSULTANTS', to require the Department of Public Health to obtain a listing of all state residents who are international board certified lactation consultants and make such listing available for public inspection.


The Senate at 11: 53 a. m. adjourned under provisions of Senate Rule 9(f) subject to the call of the chair.