Monday, February 27, 2017

The Senate was called to order at 10: 50 a. m. in accordance with the provisions of Senate Rule 9(f), and under the authority of the President Pro Tempore and the Senate Republican Leader.

The prayer was offered by Acting Chaplain, Carmela Balducci of Deep River, Connecticut.

The following is the prayer:

Give us the hindsight to know where we have been, the foresight to know where we are going, and the insight to know when we are going too far.

Pursuant to Senate Rule 9(f) the Senate is called into Session, by the Office of the Senate Clerk's under the authority of the President Pro Tempore and the Senate Republican Leader.

It is hereby moved that Senate Agenda Number 1, dated February 27, 2017, is adopted, the items on said Agenda shall be acted upon as indicated and that the Agenda shall be incorporated into the Senate Journal and Senate Transcript.


The following reports were received, read by the Clerk and referred to the Committees indicated:

Report – Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight – Biannual Report for Calendar Year ended December 31, 2016. (Pursuant to Section 17b-28(j) of the Connecticut General Statutes) Date received: February 24, 2017

Referred to Committees on Aging, Appropriations, Children, Education, Human Services, Insurance and Real Estate and Public Health

Report – Rensselaer at Hartford – Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence on Campus for Calendar Year ended December 31, 2016. (Pursuant to Section 10a-55m(f) of the Connecticut General Statutes) Date received: February 27, 2017

Referred to Committee on Higher Education and Employment Advancement



In accordance with the provisions of Senate Rule 9(f), the first reading of the following bills and resolutions was waived, the list of bills and resolutions as prepared by the Clerks was accepted, and the bills and resolutions referred to the Committees as indicated thereon in concurrence:


S. B. No. 366 (COMM) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT REQUIRING A PARTY TO REIMBURSE THE STATE OR A MUNICIPALITY FOR THE WAGES OF AN EMPLOYEE WHO IS SUBPOENAED TO TESTIFY IN A LEGAL PROCEEDING', to require a party who issues a subpoena to a state or municipal employee to reimburse the state or municipality for the employee's time spent complying with the terms of the subpoena.


S. B. No. 432 (COMM) LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING EXCEPTIONS TO THE PREVAILING WAGE REQUIREMENT IN PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS', to provide relief from municipal mandates by increasing the prevailing wage thresholds.

S. B. No. 599 (COMM) LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE UNEMPLOYMENT REDUCTION AMOUNT', to increase unemployment compensation benefits for individuals working part time.


S. B. No. 929 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT EXTENDING WHISTLE-BLOWER PROTECTIONS TO CERTAIN EMPLOYEES', to extend whistle-blower protections to an employee who objects, or refuses to participate in any activity that the employee reasonably believes to be a violation or suspected violation of any state or federal law or regulation, any municipal ordinance or regulation or any court order.

S. B. No. 930 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE RECEIPT OF ANNUAL REPORTS ON ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES', to require that annual reports on anti-human trafficking efforts from each state's attorney and municipal chief of police be sent to the Trafficking in Persons Council.

H. B. No. 5541 (COMM) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE APPLICATION OF ACCELERATED REHABILITATION FOR PERSONS CHARGED WITH CHILD ENDANGERMENT', to require that any person accused of risk of injury to a child who is eligible for accelerated pretrial rehabilitation participate in a pretrial family violence education program.


H. B. No. 5591 (COMM) LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING PAY EQUITY IN THE WORKFORCE', to help ensure pay equity in the workforce by requiring employers to provide equal pay to employees in the same workplace.

H. B. No. 6215 (COMM) LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 'AN ACT REQUIRING EMPLOYERS TO PROVIDE PAID SICK LEAVE TO SCHOOL TUTORS', to add school tutors to the list of workers who qualify for paid sick leave under Connecticut law.


H. B. No. 6907 (COMM) LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE INTERSTATE PASSENGER CARRIER LAW', to clarify the interstate passenger carrier law.


H. B. No. 7186 (RAISED) GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AND ELECTIONS. 'AN ACT REVISING CERTAIN STATUTES CONCERNING THE STATE COMPTROLLER', to enhance the State Employee Campaign for charitable giving by providing flexibility in its administration.

H. B. No. 7187 (RAISED) GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AND ELECTIONS. 'AN ACT EXEMPTING NECESSARY EXPENSES RECEIVED FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION AT AN EVENT FROM REPORTING REQUIREMENTS', to change the exemption from reporting necessary expenses for purposes of the Code of Ethics from any public official, Governor's spouse or state employee who is a principal speaker at an event to any such official, spouse or employee who is an active participant at an event.

H. B. No. 7188 (RAISED) GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AND ELECTIONS. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE PRESERVATION OF HISTORICAL RECORDS AND ACCESS TO RESTRICTED RECORDS IN THE STATE ARCHIVES', to require the preservation of records of historical value and to lift restrictions on access to public records contained in the state archives after a certain amount of time has passed.


H. B. No. 7189 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A STUDY OF MEDICAID-FUNDED PROGRAMS', to ensure that Medicaid-funded programs are effective and accessible.

H. B. No. 7190 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING A STUDY OF PROGRAMS ADMINISTERED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES', to ensure the efficiency and responsiveness of programs administered by the Department of Social Services.

H. B. No. 7191 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING FEDERAL MEDICAID WAIVERS AND STATE PLAN AMENDMENTS', to determine the need for additional federal Medicaid waivers or Medicaid state plan amendments.

H. B. No. 7192 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING LONG-TERM CARE', to ensure that long-term care programs are accessible and sufficient to meet the needs of state residents.

H. B. No. 7193 (RAISED) HUMAN SERVICES. 'AN ACT CONCERNING NURSING HOMES', to ensure that nursing home services adequately meet the needs of persons requiring institutional care.


H. B. No. 7194 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING EXCEPTIONS TO THE TEN-YEAR REPOSE PERIOD FOR CERTAIN PRODUCT LIABILITY CLAIMS', to eliminate the requirement that a claimant not be entitled to compensation under chapter 568 of the general statutes when determining the repose period for a product liability claim in which the claimant alleges that harm occurred during the useful sale life of the product.

H. B. No. 7195 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT IMPLEMENTING THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE TASK FORCE TO STUDY METHODS FOR IMPROVING THE COLLECTION OF PAST DUE CHILD SUPPORT', to implement measures to enhance the collection of past due child support owed to state residents.

H. B. No. 7196 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING NONADVERSARIAL DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE AND THE ISSUANCE OF A DEFAULT JUDGMENT IN A MATTER INVOLVING DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE, DISSOLUTION OF CIVIL UNION OR LEGAL SEPARATION', to: (1) Revise the criteria used to determine if the parties to a dissolution of marriage action may avail themselves of a nonadversarial dissolution of marriage in such a way as to allow greater participation in the nonadversarial process; (2) revise court procedures associated with nonadversarial dissolution of marriage, and (3) permit the entry of a default judgment for certain dissolution and legal separation matters.

H. B. No. 7197 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT INCREASING THE JURISDICTIONAL MONETARY LIMIT IN SMALL CLAIMS ACTIONS', to increase the jurisdictional monetary limit in small claims cases from five thousand dollars to seven thousand five hundred dollars.


The Senate at 10: 55 a. m. adjourned under provisions of Senate Rule 9(f) subject to the call of the chair.