Thursday, May 4, 2017

The House of Representatives was called to order at 1:12 o'clock p.m., Representative McCarthy Vahey of the 133rd District in the Chair.

Prayer was offered by the guest Chaplain, Nora S. Lesizza of Fairfield, Connecticut.

The following is the prayer:

Let us pray. Heavenly Father, grant us compassion as we try to alleviate the burdens of our constituents. Guide us to bring forth legislation that will benefit all the citizens of Connecticut. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Robert J. Patrignelli of Fairfield, Connecticut.


The following communication was received from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, on the date indicated, read by the Clerk and ordered printed in the Journal.

May 4, 2017

Mr. Frederick Jortner

Clerk of the House of Representatives

State Capitol, Room 109

Hartford, CT 06106

Dear Mr. Jortner:

This letter is to inform you of the following changes to committee assignments:

Representative Joshua Hall has been appointed to the Labor Committee, Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee, and the Planning and Development Committee.

Representative Robert Sanchez has been removed from the Labor Committee.

Representative Chris Soto has been removed from the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee.

Representative Linda Gentile has been removed from the Planning and Development Committee.

Please contact my office if you have any questions.

Joe Aresimowicz

Speaker of the House of Representatives


On motion of Representative Winkler of the 56th District, the House adjourned at 1:14 o'clock p.m., to meet again at the Call of the Chair.