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General Assembly


Proposed Bill No. 5539


January Session, 2017


LCO No. 729



Referred to Committee on JUDICIARY


Introduced by:



REP. WALKER, 93rd Dist.

REP. PORTER, 94th Dist.

REP. DILLON, 92nd Dist.

REP. VARGAS, 6th Dist.

REP. ROSARIO, 128th Dist.

REP. URBAN, 43rd Dist.

REP. HADDAD, 54th Dist.

REP. JOHNSON, 49th Dist.

REP. ALBIS, 99th Dist.

REP. ROSE, 118th Dist.

REP. ARCE, 4th Dist.

REP. STAFSTROM, 129th Dist.

REP. LESSER, 100th Dist.

REP. SANTIAGO, 130th Dist.

REP. REYES, 75th Dist.

REP. LEMAR, 96th Dist.

REP. SANCHEZ, 25th Dist.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That the general statutes be amended to:

(1) Permit the retail sale of marijuana to adults twenty-one years of age or older;

(2) Provide that a certain percentage of revenue generated from taxation on such sale be allocated toward (A) providing drug awareness education, substance abuse treatment and efforts to curb abuse of opiates and other harmful substances, (B) ensuring the marijuana is tested for illicit substances and potency, (C) studying the impact of marijuana legalization and consumption, (D) funding the placement of drug-prevention officers in schools;

(3) Require the Department of Consumer Protection to provide oversight and regulations of the retail sale and use of marijuana, unless there is a specific provision for another agency to adopt certain regulations;

(4) Require all marijuana of a certain potency be labeled as such and that such marijuana be packaged in a child-safe manner;

(5) Provide that licensed dispensaries, as defined in section 21a-408, have initial access to recreational licensing and that the Department of Consumer protection shall develop guidelines for issuing new recreational licenses to unlicensed dispensaries;

(6) Require roadside testing of impaired drivers and if a driver is found driving with at least five nanograms of tetrahydrocannabinol per milliliter in his or her blood or to have consumed marijuana in the previous two hours, under the influence laws shall apply;

(7) Provide for separate statutory schemes for palliative and recreational use of marijuana;

(8) Allow the growth of no more than six marijuana plants for personal use;

(9) Ensure that marijuana for palliative use is not subjected to a retail sales or excise sales tax;

(10) Require that consumers transport marijuana in a sealed container;

(11) Prohibit the public consumption of recreational marijuana; and

(12) Prohibit any type of marketing and advertising of the sale of recreational marijuana.

Statement of Purpose:

To legalize and regulate the retail sale, personal growth and recreational use of marijuana in order to raise revenue for the General Fund and for substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and awareness.