PA 17-180—HB 7093

Public Safety and Security Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires law enforcement units to inform the Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) if they know that a police officer formerly employed by the unit is applying for a police job after the officer was dismissed for, or retired or resigned during an investigation of, malfeasance or serious misconduct calling into question his or her fitness to serve. Law enforcement units are already (1) required by law to make such reports to another unit to which the officer is applying and (2) barred by law from hiring such officers.

For purposes of the law and the act, (1) “malfeasance” has its common meaning, and (2) “serious misconduct” means an officer's improper or illegal actions connected with official duties that could cause a miscarriage of justice or discrimination, such as a felony conviction, evidence fabrication, repeated use of excessive force, bribe acceptance, or fraud. The act does not apply to an officer exonerated of all malfeasance or serious misconduct allegations.

The act, like existing law, applies to state, municipal, or other government entities whose primary functions include enforcing criminal or traffic laws; preserving public order; protecting life and property; or preventing, detecting, or investigating crime. It also applies to the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribal police departments when operating under a memorandum of understanding with the state.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2017



By law, POST (1) trains, certifies, and establishes minimum qualifications for municipal police officers and others and (2) enforces professional standards for certifying and decertifying officers. The law delineates the grounds on which it may cancel or revoke a police officer's certificate (CGS 7- 294d).