PA 17-132—HB 7062

Commerce Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) commissioner to develop a “CONNECTICUT-MADE” or “CT-Made” logo that Connecticut manufacturers and producers can use to promote products they manufacture or produce here. She must make the logo available to these businesses through an internet website, which, along with the logo, can be promoted by other state and local agencies and public and private institutions.

The commissioner must also develop guidelines for how businesses can use the logo to brand these products. In doing so, she may specify the types of products that businesses may brand as “CONNECTICUT-MADE” or “CT-Made” and the extent to which they can adjust the logo's proportions or colors.

The act prohibits her from contracting with any third party to develop the logo or guidelines.

Prior law required the commissioner to establish and administer a Connecticut-made products marketing program and authorized her to make grants, within available appropriations, to people and businesses for incorporating the phrases, “CONNECTICUT-MADE” or “CT-Made” in their promotional and marketing activities. The act allows, rather than requires her to establish and administer the program and eliminates her authority to make the grants. It also eliminates a related annual reporting requirement.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2017