PA 17-11—sSB 846

Public Safety and Security Committee


SUMMARY: This act extends, by 90 days, the period during which a security guard's license is valid and can be renewed, unless it has been revoked or suspended, and imposes a $25 late fee on licenses renewed during this 90-day grace period. By law, the license is valid for five years and, under prior department practice, could not be renewed after the expiration date (although a person who missed the deadline could submit a new application).

The act requires the emergency services and public protection commissioner to send a notice of the license expiration date, as well as a renewal application, to licensees, by first class mail, at least 90 days before the license expires. It prohibits her from renewing any license after the 90-day grace period.

The act also makes technical changes, including specifying that the fingerprints submitted with license applications must be on forms specified and furnished by the commissioner, thereby conforming the law to department practice.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2017