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OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact:

Agency Affected


FY 18 $

FY 19 $

State Comptroller - Fringe Benefits1

GF - Potential Cost

Up to 21,131

Up to 21,131

Labor Dept.

GF - Potential Cost

Up to 55,491

Up to 55,491

Note: GF=General Fund

Municipal Impact: None


The bill, which requires certain employers to provide at least 24 hour notice of changes in employee shifts, may result in increased costs to the Labor Department.

While the bill exempts several types of employment, there are approximately 300,000 employees working in the retail and restaurant service sectors, most of which may be subject to the terms of the bill. Because of the large number of employees that may be impacted by the bill, the department is likely to see a substantial increase in number of complaints. The number of complaints may be highest in the first years following adoption of the bill, as current practices are adjusted to match the requirements of the bill.

The bill allows the Labor Department to develop regulations necessary to enforce the bill. To the extent that those regulations are developed and enforced, the Labor Department may need additional staff resources to handle the increased number of complaints generated.

Outside of the potential cost of regulation and enforcement, the bill is not expected to result in a fiscal impact to the state or municipalities.

The Out Years

The annualized ongoing fiscal impact identified above would continue into the future subject to inflation.

1 The fringe benefit costs for most state employees are budgeted centrally in accounts administered by the Comptroller. The estimated active employee fringe benefit cost associated with most personnel changes is 38.08% of payroll in FY 18 and FY 19.