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OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact:

Agency Affected


FY 18 $

FY 19 $

Public Health, Dept.

GF - Cost



State Comptroller - Fringe Benefits1

GF - Cost



Resources of the General Fund

GF - Revenue Gain



Note: GF=General Fund

Municipal Impact: None


The bill results in a net General Fund revenue gain of $163,541 in FY 18 and a net state cost of $45,274 in FY 19 from the establishment of a new “Behavior Analyst” (BA) licensure category within the Department of Public Health (DPH).

The cost to DPH in FY 18 primarily reflects two half-time positions, an Office Assistant and a Special Investigator starting 12/1/2017. The start date allows for one month of training before the implementation of the new category on 1/1/2018. The cost of salaries ($33,828 in FY 18 and $57,991 in FY 19), equipment ($2,450 in FY 18 for two computers with software and one scanner), and associated other expenses ($200 each year for printing, postage, and office supplies) total $36,478 in FY 18 and $58,191 in FY 19. The State Comptroller fringe benefit cost for these positions is $5,181 in FY 18 and $22,083 in FY 19.

General Fund revenue of $205,100 in FY 18 and $35,000 in FY 19 is anticipated from an initial licensure fee of $350. As licensure renewal is biannual, revenue from license renewals will not be generated until FY 20. There are 586 board certified BAs in Connecticut. It is anticipated that all will seek licensure in FY 18 and that 100 individuals will apply for licensure in FY 19 and annually thereafter.

The Out Years

The annualized ongoing fiscal impact identified above would continue into the future subject to the number of initial and renewal BA licenses issued by DPH, associated costs (a 2% cost inflation is anticipated), and General Fund revenue from fees. In the out years, approximately 100 individuals are anticipated to seek BA licensure annually. This would result in a revenue gain of $35,000 annually from initial licensure fees. The fee for biannual licensure renewal is $175 under the bill. Anticipated revenue of $35,000 initial license fees and $120,050 from license renewals will exceed state costs of $58,091 by $96,959 in FY 20.


 Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc.  website:

1 The fringe benefit costs for most state employees are budgeted centrally in accounts administered by the Comptroller. The estimated active employee fringe benefit cost associated with most personnel changes is 38.08% of payroll in FY 18 and FY 19.