Chapter 870 Judicial Department
Secs. 51-10c & 51-14a
Chapter 872 Judges
Sec. 51-47
Chapter 873 Court Clerks
Sec. 51-52
Chapter 874 Court Reporters
Sec. 51-60
Chapter 881b Infractions of the Law
Sec. 51-164n
Chapter 882 Superior Court
Sec. 51-197a
Chapter 883a Reporter of Judicial Decisions
Secs. 51-215a & 51-215b
Chapter 883b Commission on Official Legal Publications
Secs. 51-216a & 51-216b
Chapter 884 Jurors
Sec. 51-217
Chapter 886 Division of Criminal Justice
Sec. 51-277a
Chapter 887 Public Defender Services
Sec. 51-296a
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