Chapter 697 General Provisions
Secs. 38a-11, 38a-12 & 38a-14
Chapter 698 Insurers
Secs. 38a-53, 38a-58g, 38a-69, 38a-69a, 38a-85, 38a-88a, 38a-129, 38a-129a, 38a-130, 38a-135, 38a-136, 38a-142, 38a-156a & 38a-156e
Chapter 698a Health Care and Related Service Groups
Secs. 38a-175, 38a-183, 38a-188, 38a-193, 38a-199, 38a-208, 38a-214 & 38a-218
Chapter 698c Risk Retention Groups
Sec. 38a-261
Chapter 698d Unauthorized Insurers Act
Sec. 38a-271
Chapter 699a Readable Language in Insurance Policies
Secs. 38a-297 & 38a-298
Chapter 700 Property and Casualty Insurance
Secs. 38a-307a, 38a-322a, 38a-330, 38a-336, 38a-338, 38a-343a, 38a-354a & 38a-397
Chapter 700b Life Insurance, Annuities, Burial Contracts and Life Settlements
Sec. 38a-430
Chapter 700c Health Insurance
Secs. 38a-470, 38a-472, 38a-472a, 38a-472d, 38a-472h, 38a-476, 38a-477d, 38a-477e, 38a-477f, 38a-477aa, 38a-477bb, 38a-478, 38a-478c, 38a-478g, 38a-478l, 38a-478r, 38a-480, 38a-481, 38a-483b, 38a-488a, 38a-488b, 38a-489, 38a-490a, 38a-492b, 38a-495a, 38a-498, 38a-499a, 38a-503c, 38a-503e, 38a-505, 38a-506, 38a-508, 38a-509, 38a-512, 38a-512a, 38a-513, 38a-513a, 38a-513e, 38a-514, 38a-514b, 38a-515, 38a-516a, 38a-518b, 38a-523, 38a-525, 38a-526a, 38a-530c, 38a-530e, 38a-536, 38a-537, 38a-538, 38a-543, 38a-548, 38a-549, 38a-551, 38a-552, 38a-553 to 38a-555, 38a-556, 38a-556a, 38a-557, 38a-564, 38a-565, 38a-566, 38a-567, 38a-568, 38a-569, 38a-570 to 38a-572, 38a-573, 38a-574, 38a-577, 38a-591, 38a-591b, 38a-591c & 38a-591d
Chapter 701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Secs. 38a-663 & 38a-688a
Chapter 701a Insurance Producers, Agents and Third-Party Administrators
Secs. 38a-712, 38a-720j & 38a-720l
Chapter 701d Surplus Lines Brokers
Secs. 38a-740 & 38a-742
Chapter 704a Insurance Guaranty Funds
Secs. 38a-838, 38a-841, 38a-843 & 38a-860
Chapter 704c Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act and Termination of Domestic Life Insurance Companies
Sec. 38a-940
Chapter 705 Connecticut Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act
Sec. 38a-999b
Chapter 706b Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Secs. 38a-1040 & 38a-1051
Chapter 706c Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange
Secs. 38a-1080, 38a-1081, 38a-1083, 38a-1084, 38a-1084a, 38a-1091, 38a-1092 & 38a-1093
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