Chapter 664 General Statement and Definitions
Sec. 36a-3
Chapter 664a Administration and Enforcement
Secs. 36a-25 & 36a-59
Chapter 664b Corporate Organization and Administration of Connecticut Banks
Secs. 36a-82 & 36a-86
Chapter 664c Fundamental Changes Involving Banks, Branches, Automated Teller Machines, Home Banking and Bank Holding Companies
Secs. 36a-155, 36a-170 & 36a-185
Chapter 665 Powers, Loans and Investments
Sec. 36a-250
Chapter 666 Out-of-State Banks
Sec. 36a-412
Chapter 667 Credit Unions
Sec. 36a-440b
Chapter 668 Nondepository Financial Institutions
Secs. 36a-486, 36a-487, 36a-492, 36a-493, 36a-494, 36a-555, 36a-563, 36a-573, 36a-596, 36a-598, 36a-600, 36a-602 & 36a-615
Chapter 669 Regulated Activities
Secs. 36a-675, 36a-676, 36a-677, 36a-678, 36a-679, 36a-680, 36a-681, 36a-682, 36a-683, 36a-684, 36a-686, 36a-690, 36a-701, 36a-701a, 36a-701b, 36a-718, 36a-719c, 36a-719d, 36a-719h, 36a-726, 36a-746a, 36a-760, 36a-760d, 36a-770, 36a-771, 36a-772, 36a-774, 36a-785, 36a-800, 36a-801, 36a-804, 36a-805, 36a-810, 36a-846, 36a-847, 36a-848, 36a-849, 36a-850, 36a-851, 36a-852, 36a-853 & 36a-854
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