Chapter 417 General Provisions. Pure Food and Drugs
Secs. 21a-62a, 21a-70f & 21a-90
Chapter 418 Uniform Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
Sec. 21a-92c
Chapter 419b Bakeries, Food Manufacturing Establishments and Food Warehouses
Sec. 21a-151
Chapter 420b Dependency-Producing Drugs
Secs. 21a-240, 21a-254, 21a-279 & 21a-279b
Chapter 420d State Child Protection Act
Sec. 21a-349
Chapter 420f Palliative Use of Marijuana
Secs. 21a-408d, 21a-408h, 21a-408i, 21a-408m & 21a-408q
Chapter 420g Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vapor Products
Secs. 21a-415 & 21a-415a
Chapter 420l Miscellaneous Provisions
Sec. 21a-432
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