Chapter 369 Healing Arts
Sec. 20-7f
Chapter 370 Medicine and Surgery
Secs. 20-10b, 20-12d & 20-14n
Chapter 372 Chiropractic
Sec. 20-32
Chapter 375a Athletic Training
Sec. 20-65k
Chapter 376a Occupational Therapists
Secs. 20-74f & 20-74h
Chapter 376b Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Secs. 20-74s & 20-74t
Chapter 376c Radiographers, Radiologic Technologists, Radiologist Assistants and Nuclear Medicine Technologists
Secs. 20-74bb & 20-74ee
Chapter 378 Nursing
Secs. 20-87a, 20-94d & 20-101
Chapter 379 Dentistry
Secs. 20-114, 20-123a, 20-123b & 20-126c
Chapter 381 Opticians
Secs. 20-149 & 20-151
Chapter 381a Respiratory Care Practitioners
Sec. 20-162o
Chapter 381b Perfusionists
Sec. 20-162bb
Chapter 382b Central Service Technicians
Sec. 20-185r
Chapter 383 Psychologists
Secs. 20-191a & 20-191c
Chapter 383a Marital and Family Therapists
Sec. 20-195c
Chapter 383b Clinical Social Workers and Master Social Workers
Secs. 20-195o & 20-195u
Chapter 383c Professional Counselors
Sec. 20-195cc
Chapter 383d Genetic Counselors
Secs. 20-195pp, 20-195qq, 20-195rr, 20-195ss, 20-195tt & 20-195uu
Chapter 384 Veterinary Medicine
Sec. 20-201
Chapter 384a Massage Therapists
Secs. 20-206b, 20-206c & 20-206h
Chapter 384b Dietitian-Nutritionists
Secs. 20-206m, 20-206n, 20-206q & 20-206r
Chapter 384c Acupuncturists
Secs. 20-206bb & 20-206cc
Chapter 384d Emergency Medical Services Personnel
Secs. 20-206jj, 20-206kk, 20-206ll, 20-206mm, 20-206nn & 20-206oo
Chapter 385 Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Sec. 20-222a
Chapter 386 Barbers
Sec. 20-236
Chapter 387 Hairdressers and Cosmeticians
Sec. 20-254
Chapter 388 Electrologists
Sec. 20-275
Chapter 389 Public Accountants
Secs. 20-279b, 20-281, 20-281e, 20-281g & 20-281n
Chapter 391 Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Sec. 20-304a
Chapter 392 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Sec. 20-314
Chapter 393 Electricians, Plumbers, Solar, Heating, Piping and Cooling Contractors and Journeymen, Elevator and Fire Protection Sprinkler Craftsmen, Irrigation Contractors and Journeymen, and Gas Hearth Installer Contractors and Journeymen
Sec. 20-340e
Chapter 396 Landscape Architects
Sec. 20-370
Chapter 396a Interior Designers
Sec. 20-377s
Chapter 397a Audiologists
Sec. 20-395d
Chapter 398 Hearing Instrument Specialists
Sec. 20-398
Chapter 399 Speech and Language Pathologists
Sec. 20-412
Chapter 399a New Home Construction Contractors
Sec. 20-417i
Chapter 400 Home Improvement Contractors
Sec. 20-432
Chapter 400c Lead Abatement Consultants, Contractors and Workers
Sec. 20-482
Chapter 400g Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies
Sec. 20-515
Chapter 400j Pharmacy
Secs. 20-616a, 20-617 & 20-633c
Chapter 400o Homemaker-Companion Agencies
Sec. 20-679a
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