Chapter 319o Department of Social Services
Secs. 17b-8, 17b-10a, 17b-12, 17b-28, 17b-59a, 17b-59b, 17b-59d, 17b-59e & 17b-59f
Chapter 319s Financial Assistance
Secs. 17b-84, 17b-99, 17b-104, 17b-106, 17b-112l & 17b-131
Chapter 319v Medical Assistance
Secs. 17b-239, 17b-239e, 17b-241a, 17b-242, 17b-244, 17b-250, 17b-261, 17b-261e, 17b-261h, 17b-261i, 17b-261j, 17b-261m, 17b-261t, 17b-261u, 17b-265, 17b-265d, 17b-266, 17b-273, 17b-277, 17b-278d, 17b-278h, 17b-280, 17b-280a, 17b-282e, 17b-284, 17b-289, 17b-290, 17b-291, 17b-292, 17b-292a, 17b-294a, 17b-295, 17b-297, 17b-297a, 17b-297b, 17b-299, 17b-300, 17b-303, 17b-304, 17b-306, 17b-306a & 17b-307
Chapter 319y Long-Term Care
Secs. 17b-340, 17b-340d, 17b-342, 17b-349, 17b-354, 17b-354c & 17b-369
Chapter 319dd Protective Services for the Elderly
Secs. 17b-450, 17b-451, 17b-452, 17b-453, 17b-454, 17b-455, 17b-456, 17b-459, 17b-460, 17b-462, 17b-463, 17b-463a & 17b-464
Chapter 319hh Management of Continuing Care Facilities
Secs. 17b-520, 17b-521, 17b-522, 17b-523, 17b-523a, 17b-523b, 17b-523c, 17b-524, 17b-525, 17b-526, 17b-527, 17b-528, 17b-529, 17b-530, 17b-531, 17b-533 & 17b-535
Chapter 319mm Assistance to the Disabled
Secs. 17b-601 & 17b-611
Chapter 319pp Collective Bargaining for Family Child Care Providers and Personal Care Attendants
Sec. 17b-706e
Chapter 319rr Child Care and Protection
Secs. 17b-739, 17b-745, 17b-749, 17b-751, 17b-751a, 17b-751b, 17b-751e & 17b-751f
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