Chapter 163 State Board of Education. Department of Education
Secs. 10-3c, 10-3d, 10-4, 10-4a, 10-4b, 10-4p, 10-4v, 10-5c, 10-10a & 10-11b
Chapter 163c Education Evaluation and Remedial Assistance
Secs. 10-14n, 10-14t & 10-14x
Chapter 164 Educational Opportunities
Secs. 10-16b, 10-16n, 10-16p, 10-16q, 10-16r, 10-16z, 10-16pp, 10-16qq, 10-16rr, 10-17f, 10-17g, 10-17j, 10-17k, 10-17l, 10-17m, 10-17n, 10-19o, 10-25a, 10-29a, 10-51, 10-65, 10-66j, 10-66r, 10-66s, 10-66t, 10-66aa, 10-66bb, 10-66cc, 10-66ee, 10-66jj, 10-66ll, 10-66oo, 10-66pp, 10-66qq, 10-66rr, 10-66ss, 10-66tt, 10-66uu, 10-71, 10-74j, 10-74k, 10-74l, 10-74m, 10-74n, 10-76b, 10-76d, 10-76g, 10-76u, 10-76v, 10-76ll, 10-76mm, 10-76nn, 10-76oo, 10-76pp, 10-91g, 10-91h, 10-91i, 10-92b, 10-94f, 10-94l, 10-95i & 10-95k
Chapter 165 (The University of Connecticut) Advisory Council for Professional Standards
Sec. 10-144e
Chapter 166 Teachers and Superintendents
Secs. 10-144o, 10-145, 10-145a, 10-145b, 10-145d, 10-145f, 10-145h, 10-145i, 10-145k, 10-145p, 10-146c, 10-146h, 10-149b, 10-151, 10-151b & 10-158a
Chapter 167a Teachers’ Retirement System
Secs. 10-183r & 10-183t
Chapter 168 School Attendance and Employment of Children
Secs. 10-198a, 10-198b, 10-198c & 10-198d
Chapter 169 School Health and Sanitation
Secs. 10-204a, 10-212a, 10-214, 10-215i & 10-217a
Chapter 170 Boards of Education
Secs. 10-220, 10-220a, 10-220m, 10-221, 10-221a, 10-221v, 10-221w, 10-222p, 10-223e, 10-223f, 10-223h, 10-223k, 10-230a, 10-231a, 10-231c, 10-231d, 10-233c, 10-233d, 10-233l, 10-233m, 10-233n, 10-235, 10-235a & 10-236b
Chapter 172 Support of Public Schools. Transportation
Secs. 10-253, 10-262f, 10-262h, 10-262i, 10-262j, 10-262s, 10-262u, 10-264h, 10-264i, 10-264l, 10-264o, 10-264p, 10-264q, 10-265f, 10-265h, 10-265n, 10-265o, 10-266m, 10-266p, 10-266aa, 10-266dd, 10-266ee & 10-281
Chapter 173 Public School Building Projects
Secs. 10-283, 10-284, 10-287d, 10-292k, 10-292q, 10-292r, 10-292s, 10-292t & 10-292u
Chapter 174 Education of the Blind
Sec. 10-295
Chapter 179a State Education Resource Center
Secs. 10-357b & 10-357g
Chapter 184c Office of Early Childhood
Secs. 10-500, 10-501, 10-502, 10-506, 10-507, 10-515, 10-520 & 10-520a
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