Regulation Review Committee


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

11:00 AM in Room 1E of the LOB



(65 days from a submittal date of 1/5/2016)

2015-029 Insurance Department UTILIZATION REVIEW LICENSE APPLICATION DATE CHANGE The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies is amended Section 38a-591-1. (CLJ 10/23/2015) (AGA 12/10/2015) Rep. Emil Altobello/Sen. Gayle Slossberg

2015-030 Department of Energy & Environmental Protection IONIZING RADIATION REGULATIONS The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies are repealed Sections 19-24-1 to 19-24-14, inclusive, and 19-25a-1 to 19-25d-11, inclusive, and adopted Sections 22a-153-1 to 22a-153-9, inclusive. (CLJ 3/13/2014) (AGA 12/4/2015) Sen. Clark Chapin/Rep. Tom O'Dea WITHDRAWN

2015-031 Department of Social Services ISSUANCE OF BENEFITS IN THE STATE SUPPLEMENT PROGRAM The Connecticut Department of Social Services Uniform Policy Manual is amended Sections 6505 and 6505.05. (CLJ 10/20/2015) (AGA 12/22/2015) Sen. Kevin Kelly/Sen. Gayle Slossberg

2016-001 Department of Consumer Protection PALLIATIVE USE OF MARIJUANA The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies is amended adding Section 21a-408-12a. (CLJ 10/22/2015) (AGA 1/5/2016) Rep. Vincent Candelora/Sen. Paul Doyle