Program Review and Investigations Committee


Monday, February 8, 2016

Room 2D of the LOB

I. Convene Meeting

II. Remarks by the Chairs

III. Bill Raising (of marked recommendations in the handout PRI Bill Raising Packet for 2/8/16 Meeting)

I. Health Information Privacy at Selected State Agencies (Dec. 2015)

Bill A: Recommendations 1 and 5 (re: state agency confidentiality procedures)

Bill B: Recommendation 2 (re: state agency confidential database inventory)

II. Apprenticeship Programs and Workforce Needs (Dec. 2015)

Bill A: Recommendation 3 (re: DOL apprenticeship website)

Bill B: Recommendations 5 and 10 (re: apprenticeship expansion)

III. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Advocacy and Assistance (Dec. 2015)

Bill A: Recommendations 4, 6, and 8 (re: DVA customer service)

Bill B: Recommendations 12 and 19 (re: DVA data development and website improvements)

Bill C: Recommendations 20, 21, and 22 (re: DVA collaboration with state agencies and municipal training)

IV. Drone Use Regulation (Dec. 2014)

One Bill: Outlaw drone weaponization

IV. Approve Scope Development of Potential Study Topic

A. Implications of Heroin Use For Connecticut Families and Utilization of State Services

V. Other New Topics Discussion

VI. Other Business

A. PRI Mandated 1/15/16 Report on Dealer Conveyance Fees

VII. Adjournment