Tuesday, February 16, 2016

11:00 AM in Room 2E of the LOB


1. S.B. No. 70 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Telehealth Providers.

2. H.B. No. 5128 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Funds Appropriated To The Department Of Developmental Services.

3. H.B. No. 5133 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Dental Assistants.

4. S.B. No. 67 (RAISED) An Act Concerning The Authority And Responsibilities Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

5. H.B. No. 5129 (RAISED) An Act Concerning The Administration Of Vaccines By Pharmacists And Medical Assistants And The Listing Of Certified Medical Assistants.

6. S.B. No. 68 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Marital And Family Therapist Associates.

7. S.B. No. 69 (RAISED) An Act Exempting Veterinarians From The Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

8. H.B. No. 5130 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Clearance Of Student Athletes With Concussions For Participation In Team Activities.

9. H.B. No. 5131 (RAISED) An Act Establishing A Task Force On Nail Salons And Nail Technicians.

10. H.B. No. 5132 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Newborn Screening For Pompe Disease.

11. H.B. No. 5053 An Act Increasing Access To Overdose Reversal Drugs.