Public Health Committee


Friday, February 19, 2016

11:00 AM in Room 1D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 11:06 AM by Chairman, Rep. Ritter M. 001.

The following committee members were present:


Crisco J. S17; Gerratana T. S06; Kennedy T. S12; Markley J. S16; Moore M. S22



Adinolfi A. 103; Baker A. 124; Berthel E. 068; Betts W. 078; Candelora V. 086; Carpino C. 032; Conroy T. 105; Cook M. 065; Demicco M. 021; Genga H. 010; McCarty K. 038; Riley E. 046; Ritter M. 001; Ryan K. 139; Sayers P. 060; Scanlon S. 098; Srinivasan P. 031; Tercyak P. 026; Zoni D. 081


Absent were:



Kane R. S32



Alexander D. 058; Perillo J. 113; Wilms F. 142

Rep. Ritter immediately recessed the meeting for a democratic caucus.

Rep. Ritter reconvened the meeting at 11:27 AM.

Rep. Ritter asked for a motion to raise the concepts under Section 3 of the agenda:

1. An Act Concerning The Adoption Of Regulations To Establish Minimum Standards For School-Based Health Centers

2. An Act Concerning Meningitis Vaccines

3. An Act Concerning The Palliative Use Of Marijuana By Hospice Patients

4. An Act Concerning Telehealth Services For Medicaid Recipients

5. An Act Concerning Maximum Decibel Levels

6. An Act Concerning Provision Of Healthy Food In Vending Machines Operated On State Property And Recommendations Of The Childhood Obesity Task Force

7. An Act Concerning Telehealth Providers' Access To Patient Records

8. An Act Concerning A Prescription Drug Education Program

9. An Act Concerning Home Health Care Regulations

10. An Act Concerning Services For Individuals With Intellectual Disability

11. An Act Concerning Incentives For Businesses That Exceed Accessibility Requirements Under The Americans With Disabilities Act

12. An Act Concerning New Britain Water Company Land

13. An Act Concerning A Diabetes Action Plan

14. An Act Concerning The Department Of Public Health's Recommendations Concerning The Expansion And Construction Of Water Systems

15. An Act Concerning The Department Of Public Health's Recommendations Concerning The Prevention Of Smoking And Tobacco Use

16. An Act Concerning The Practice Of Naturopathy

17. An Act Establishing A Task Force On Patient Access To Medical Records

18. An Act Concerning The Administration Of Glucagon In Schools

19. An Act Concerning Access To Radiological And Imaging Services

20. An Act Concerning Training In Cultural Competency For Dental Hygienists

21. An Act Concerning Athletic Trainers

22. An Act Concerning Health Care Services

Rep. Adinolfi offered a motion to open the agenda for purposes of adding an item.

Rep. Betts seconded the motion.

A voice vote was taken: Motion failed.

Rep. Ritter asked for a motion to raise concepts under section three.

Sen. Gerratana offered the motion.

Rep. Cook seconded the motion.

A voice vote was taken: Motion Passed.

Rep. Ritter announced that the meeting is in recess until 1:00 PM at which point the meeting will adjourn.

Beverley Henry

Walter Morton


Committee Clerk