Public Health Committee


Monday, February 8, 2016

2:30 PM in Room 1D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 2:31 PM by Chairman, Sen. Gerratana T. S06.

The following committee members were present:


Crisco J. S17; Gerratana T. S06; Kane R. S32; Kennedy T. S12



Adinolfi A. 103; Betts W. 078; Carpino C. 032; Conroy T. 105; Cook M. 065; Demicco M. 021; Genga H. 010; McCarty K. 038; Riley E. 046; Ritter M. 001; Sayers P. 060; Scanlon S. 098; Srinivasan P. 031; Tercyak P. 026; Wilms F. 142; Zoni D. 081


Absent were:



Markley J. S16; Moore M. S22



Alexander D. 058; Baker A. 124; Berthel E. 068; Candelora V. 086; Perillo J. 113; Ryan K. 139

Sen. Gerratana convened the meeting at 2:31PM and welcomed the Public Health Committee and Staff.

Rep. Srinivasan welcomed the committee and expressed excitement for the coming legislative session.

Sen. Gerratana asked for a motion to raise concepts 1-19:

1. AAC Administration Of Opioid Antagonists

2. AAC Opioid Abuse

3. AAC Food Vendors

4. AAC Telehealth Providers

5. AAC Funds Appropriated To The Department Of Developmental Services

6. AAC Dental Assistants

7. AAC The Palliative Use Of Marijuana For Children

8. AAC Raising The Minimum Age To Twenty-One For The Purchase Of Tobacco Products, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems And Vapor Products

9. AAC Newborn Screening For Pompe Disease

10. AAC Certificates Of Need

11. AAC The Administration Of Vaccines By Pharmacists And Medical Assistants And The Listing Of Certified Medical Assistants

12. AAC Licensure For Professionals Counselors

13. AAC Marital And Family Therapist Associates

14. AAC Music And Art Therapy

15. AAC Exempting Veterinarians From The Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

16. AAC Establishing A Task Force On Nail Salons And Nail Technicians

17. AAC The Clearance Of Student Athletes With Concussions For Participation In Team Activities

18. AAC The Authority And Responsibilities Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

19. AAC An Internship Program For Adults With Autism

Rep. Cook offered the motion and Rep. Carpino seconded the motion.

The motion passed on a voice vote

Sen. Gerratana said that the votes will be kept open until 3:00 PM in Room 3000 of the LOB, at which point the meeting would be adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Beverly Henry Walter L. Morton IV

2;31dministrator Committee Clerk