Connecticut Seal

General Assembly



February Session, 2016

LCO No. 6024



Offered by:


SEN. KANE, 32nd Dist.


To: Subst. House Bill No. 5299

File No. 142

Cal. No. 570

(As Amended by House Amendment Schedule "A")


Strike subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of section 1 in its entirety and substitute the following in lieu thereof:

"(1) "Children's product" means a product, or article used as a component of a product, designed or intended primarily for use by or for children twelve years of age or younger, including, but not limited to, clothing, toys, nursing pillows, crib mattresses, changing pads and strollers. "Children's product" does not include food, beverages, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, biologics, consumer electronics, batteries, slings and catapults, sets of darts with metallic points, toy steam engines, bicycles, tricycles, video toys that can be connected to a video screen and are operated at a voltage exceeding twenty-four volts, chemistry sets, BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, roller skates, scooters, model rockets, athletic shoes with cleats or spikes, pocket knives and multitools, consumer and children's electronic products, including, but not limited to, personal computers, audio and video equipment, calculators, wireless telephones, video game consoles and hand-held devices that incorporate a video screen and are used to access interactive software and associated peripherals, interactive software intended for leisure and entertainment, including, but not limited to, computer games and associated storage media such as compact discs, snow sporting equipment, including, but not limited to, skis, poles, boots, snowboards, sleds and bindings, sporting equipment, including, but not limited to, bats, balls, gloves, sticks, pucks and pads, off-highway motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, children's toys that are subject to the most recent version of the ASTM F963, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, devices as defined by the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 USC 321(h) or products governed by federal motor vehicle standards contained in 49 CFR 571. 213 and 49 CFR 571. 302; "