Labor and Public Employees Committee


Thursday, February 11, 2016

2:30 PM in Room 1E of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 2:39 PM by Chairman, Rep. Tercyak P. 026.

The following committee members were present:


Gomes E. S23; Hwang T. S28; Osten C. S19



Cuevas V. 075; Esposito L. 116; Kiner D. 059; Luxenberg K. 012; McGee B. 005; Miner C. 066; Rutigliano D. 123; Tercyak P. 026; Vail K. 052


Absent were:





Smith R. 108

Representative Tercyak convened the meeting at 2:39 PM and announced the Labor and Public Employees Committee will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, February 16th in Hearing Room 1D at 1 PM and will hold a Committee Meeting on Thursday, February 18th in Hearing Room 1B at 2:30PM.

Representative Tercyak introduced Labor Commissioner Scott Jackson to the committee and welcomed him to his first committee meeting of the 2016 Legislative Session.

Representative Tercyak and Senator Gomes then remarked that raising concepts in the absence of discussion is not an endorsement of the bill.

Representative Tercyak then read a list of concepts to be raised as bills which is as follows:

1. An Act Concerning the Removal of Certain Positions from the Enumerated

List of Positions that are Exempt From Classified Service.

2. An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation Awards And Attorney Fees

3. An Act Concerning a Minimum Workweek for Persons Performing Janitorial or

Building Maintenance Services.

4. An Act Concerning the Temporary Family Assistance Program and

Unemployment Compensation Benefits

5. An Act Expanding Retirement Security

6. An Act Concerning Disability Insurance Policies and Firefighters

7. An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation Coverage For Current And Former

Uniformed Members Of Paid Municipal Or Volunteer Fire Departments

8. An Act Concerning Severe Mental and Emotional Impairment and Workers'

Compensation Coverage

9. An Act Concerning Probate Judges and the Municipal Employees Retirement


10. An Act Concerning Referees, Umpires, Coaches and Clinicians and the Employer-

Employee Relationship

11. An Act Concerning Homemaker Services and Homemaker Companion Agencies

12. An Act Concerning Liability for Unfair Insurance Practices in Workers'

Compensation Claims

13. An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation Insurance and Sole Proprietors

Motion to raise the concepts was made by Senator Osten, and seconded by Representative Kiner.

Motion passed by a voice vote.

A motion was made by Senator Osten and seconded by Representative Kiner to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:48 PM.

Virginia L. Monteiro

Joshua F. Quintana

Committee Clerk

Assistant Committee Clerk