Judiciary Committee


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10:00 AM in Room 2E of the LOB


I. To be a Judge of the Superior Court:

1. The Honorable William H. Bright, Jr. of Columbia

2. The Honorable Cara F. Eschuk of Naugatuck

3. The Honorable Linda K. Lager of New Haven

4. The Honorable Eddie Rodriguez, Jr. of Easton

5. The Honorable Robert E. Young of South Glastonbury

II. To be a State Referee:

1. The Honorable Charles Gill of Litchfield

2. The Honorable Joseph Licari of North Haven

3. The Honorable Socrates Mihalokos of Southbury

4. The Honorable Joseph Pellegrino of Hamden

5. The Honorable Michael E. Shay of Wilton

III. To be a Workers' Compensation Commissioner:

1. Scott A. Barton of Seymour

2. John A. Mastropietro of Watertown

IV. To be a Boards of Pardons & Paroles Member:

1. Patricia Camp of Bloomfield

2. Jeff L. Hoffman of Madison

3. Christopher B. Lyddy of New Haven

4. Carmen D. Sierra of New Britain