Judiciary Committee


Wednesday, February 10, 2016






To be a Senior Judge of the Supreme Court

1. The Honorable Christine S. Vertefeuille of East Haven

To be a Judge of the Appellate Court:

1. The Honorable Robert E. Beach, Jr. of Storrs

To be a Judge of the Superior Court

1. The Honorable Joan K. Alexander of Cromwell

2. The Honorable William H. Bright, Jr. of Columbia

3. The Honorable Alice A. Bruno of New Britain

4. The Honorable William T. Cremins of Middlebury

5. The Honorable Michael R. Dannehy of Manchester

6. The Honorable Edward S. Domnarski of Essex

7. The Honorable Cara F. Eschuk of Naugatuck

8. The Honorable John B. Farley of West Hartford

9. The Honorable Matthew E. Frechette of Branford

10. The Honorable David P. Gold of Middlefield

11. The Honorable Gerald L. Harmon of Southington

12. The Honorable Barbara Bailey Jongbloed of Madison

13. The Honorable Edward T. Krumeich of Greenwich

14. The Honorable Linda K. Lager of New Haven

15. The Honorable Paul M. Matasavage of Oakville

16. The Honorable John J. Nazzaro of Pawcatuck

17. The Honorable John J. Pickard of Harwinton

18. The Honorable Linda Pearce Prestley of West Hartford

19. The Honorable Eddie Rodriguez, Jr. of Easton

20. The Honorable Robert E. Young of South Glastonbury

To be a State Referee:

1. The Honorable Charles Gill of Litchfield

2. The Honorable Joseph Licari of North Haven

3. The Honorable Robert J. Malone of Milford

4. The Honorable Francis M. McDonald, Jr. of Middlebury

5. The Honorable Socrates Mihalokos of Southbury

6. The Honorable Joseph Pellegino of Hamden

7. The Honorable Barry Schaller of Guilford

8. The Honorable Michael E. Shay of Wilton

To be a Workers' Compensation Commissioner:

1. Scott A. Barton of Seymour

2. John A. Mastropietro of Watertown

To be a Boards of Pardons & Paroles Member:

1. Patricia Camp of Bloomfield

2. Jeff L. Hoffman of Madison

3. Christopher B. Lyddy of New Haven

4. Carmen D. Sierra of New Britain


1. AAC the Revisor's Technical Corrections to the General Statutes.

2. AA Strengthening the Sex Offender Registry.

3. AAC Diversion Programs for Underage Drinkers.

4. AAC the Zero-Tolerance Safe School Environment Act.

5. AAC a Property Owner's Liability for the Expenses for Removing a Fallen Tree or Limb.

6. AAC the Safety of Children in Cars.

7. AAC Medical Evaluations Ordered in Probate Court Proceedings.

8. AAC Drones.

9. AAC the Auditors of Public Accounts & the Probate Courts.

10. AAC Compliance with Probate Court Orders.

11. AAC Nonviolent Misdemeanor Drug Convictions.

12. AA Establishing an Expedited Procedure for Tax Foreclosures on Small Parcels of Land.

13. AAC Enhanced Penalties for Threatening the Life of a Judge.

14. AAC Juvenile Justice.

15. AAC Domestic Violence.

16. AAC Violence Against Women.

17. AAC Human Trafficking.

18. AAC CT's Leadership in Corporation & Business Law.

19. AAC Legislative Approval of Family Support Magistrates.

20. AAC Neighborhood Security Programs.

21. AAC Jury Duty.

22. AA Protecting the Privacy of a Minor.

23. AAC Access to Justice.

24. AAC Municipal Implementation of Criminal Justice Reforms.

25. AAC the Office of the Claims Commissioner.

26. AAC Compensation for the Wrongfully Incarcerated.

27. AAC Temporary Holds for Family Violence Arrestees.

28. AA Preventing a Beneficiary From Inheriting from Murdering the Deceased.

29. AAC the Protection of Animals that are the Subject of Criminal Court Proceedings.

30. AAC Disclosure of Certain Education Personnel Records.

31. AA Adopting the CT Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.

32. AAC Power of Attorney.

33. AA Adopting the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.

34. AA Concerning the Application of Adverse Possession.

35. AAC the Recommendations of the Task Force to Examine Methods to Reduce the Costs to Extradite.

36. AA Adopting the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act.

37. AAC Probate Fee Liens.

38. AAC Children in CT's Courts.

39. AA Increasing Fines for Hitting a Pedestrian in the Sidewalk.

40. AAC Children's Advocates in the Judicial System.

41. AA Adding a Debilitating Condition to the Medical Marijuana Statutes.

42. AAC Marriage Licenses on Tribal Lands.

43. AAC Victim's Rights.

44. AAC the Collection of DNA Upon Arrest.

45. AAC Attorneys Who Commit Misconduct.

46. AAC Probate Court Operations.

47. AAC the Extension of Whistle-Blower Protections to an Employee Who Reports a Suspected Violation of Law to the Employee's Supervisor or Manager.

48. AAC Loss of Parental Consortium.

49. AAC State Marshals.

50. AAC Compelled Disclosure of Cellular Telephone & Internet Records.

51. AAC the Investigation of Fraud & Corruption.

52. AAC Notification to the State's Attorney of the Death of a Person in State Custody.

53. AAC Crimes Committed While on Pretrial Release.

54. AAC Administrative Warrants.

55. AAC Revisions to Various Statutes Concerning the Criminal Justice System.

56. AAC Child Endangerment While Driving While Intoxicated.

57. AAC an Accident Report for a Motor Vehicle Accident in Which a Person Was Killed.

58. AAC Funding of Legal Services for the Poor.

59. AA Establishing a Task Force to Study Access to Legal Representation.

60. AAC a Workers' Compensation Filing Change.

61. AAC Mandatory Reporting of Stab Wounds.

62. AAC the Indemnification of Law Enforcement Professionals.

63. AAC Court Operations.

64. AAC Title Insurance.

65. AAC Erasure/Expungement of Records for Those Exonerated.

66. AAC the Sex Offender Registry.

67. AAC Tax Lien Foreclosures.