Insurance and Real Estate Committee


Thursday, February 18, 2016

12:00 PM in Room 2D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 12:08PM by Chairman, Sen. Crisco J. S17.

The following committee members were present:


Crisco J. S17; Hartley J. S15; Kelly K. S21



Abercrombie C. 083; Cuevas V. 075; Currey J. 011; Dargan S. 115; Floren L. 149; Johnson S. 049; Kupchick B. 132; MacLachlan J. 035; Megna R. 097; Noujaim S. 074; Randall C. 044; Riley E. 046; Sampson R. 080; Scott J. 040; Vail K. 052; Zoni D. 081


Absent were:





Sen. Crisco S17 entertained a motion from Rep. Abercrombie R83, seconded by Rep. Scott R40, to raise the following concepts:


1. AAC the Execution of Surety Bonds by the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange for Its Board Members

2. AAC Assessments and User Fees Charged to Health Carriers by the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

3. AAC the Accreditation of Managed Care Organizations

4. AA Requiring Site-Neutral Reimbursement Policies in Contracts Between Health Carriers and Health Care Providers

5. AAC the Use of Experimental Drugs

6. AAC Cost-Sharing For Prescription Drugs

7. AA Extending the Period Children May Retain Dental Coverage Under Parents' Insurance Policies

8. AAC Health Care Provider Lists and Authorizing Pregnancy as a Qualifying Event for Special Enrollment Periods

9. AAC Clinical Review Criteria for Utilization Review

10. AAC Health Insurers' Use of Clinical Pathways

11. AAC The Use of Evidence-Based Medicine in Hospital Emergency Rooms For Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

12. AAC Severe Mental and Emotional Impairment and Workers' Compensation Coverage

13. AAC Workers' Compensation and Related Insurance Coverage for Firemen

14. AAC Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Premium Rate Increases

15. AAC Short-Term Care Insurance

16. AA Requiring Life Insurance Companies to Provide Certain Information With Life Insurance Proceeds Payments

17. AAC The Purchase of an Annuity to Fund Pension Benefits

18. AA Regulating Travel Insurance

19. AA Increasing the Penalty for Driving While Uninsured

20. AA Requiring Certain Liquor Permittees to Procure and Maintain Liability Insurance

21. AAC Assessments on Property Casualty Insurers to Fund Fire Training Schools

22. AAC Commercial Property Insurance Policies Issued by Non-Admitted Insurers

23. AAC Homeowners Insurance Policies and Coverage for the Peril of Collapse

24. AA Authorizing Catastrophe Savings Accounts for Certain Uninsured Property Losses and Establishing Tax Deductions for Homeowners Suffering Certain Property Losses

25. AAC The Use of Breed of Dog as an Underwriting Factor For Homeowners and Tenants Insurance Policies

The motion was passed by a voice vote.

Sen. Crisco S17 reminded the Committee of the Public Hearing at 1PM; also that there would be no Committee meeting Tuesday, Feb 23, but there would be a Public Hearing on that day.

Rep. Megna R97 welcomed a new intern, Jack Kealey, to the Committee.

The meeting went into recess at 12:10PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00PM.


Kyle Blake


Assistant Clerk