Insurance and Real Estate Committee


Thursday, February 11, 2016

12:00 PM in Room 2D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 12:07 by Chairman, Rep. Megna, R. 97

The following committee members were present:


Crisco J. S17; Kelly K. S21



Abercrombie C. 083; Cuevas V. 075; Dargan S. 115; Johnson S. 049; Kupchick B. 132; MacLachlan J. 035; Megna R. 097; Noujaim S. 074; Randall C. 044; Riley E. 046; Sampson R. 080; Scott J. 040; Vail K. 052; Zoni D. 081


Absent were:



Hartley J. S15



Currey J. 011; Floren L. 149

Rep. Megna, R. 97 mentioned Rep. Floren, L. 149 is out of town on business

Rep. Scott, J. 40 asked if the concepts on the agenda could be explained

Rep. Megna, R. 97 discussed concepts 1-4 on the agenda

Sen. Crisco, J. S17 discussed concept 5 on the agenda

Rep. Megna, R. 97 asked if Rep. Sampson, R. 80 wanted to comment on item 6

Rep. Sampson, R. 97 explained how this item was on last years agenda and thanked Rep. Scott, J 40 for asking questions

Rep. Megna, R. 97 discussed how concepts 7-12 on the agenda were concepts that the committee doesn't have exact language on at this time

Rep. Scott, J. 40 asked if concepts 1-3 were health insurance mandates

Rep. Megna, R. 97 responded by saying they were not

Rep. Scott, J. 40 then asked about specifically concept 1 on the agenda and asked if it would result in tax increases for the state of Connecticut.

Rep. Megna, R. 97 discussed how item 1 would not pose a tax increase for Connecticut.

Rep. Scott, J. 40 respectfully asked that the committee should have a training session on actuarial values from an expert in the field relating to these concepts.

Rep. Megna, R. 97 thanked Rep. Scott J. 40 for his concern and said that the committee should always be kept up to date with current statistics on actuarial data relating to the concepts being raised on the agenda and any bill the committee receives going forward.

Rep. Scott, J. 40 thanked Rep. Megna, R. 97 and the other committee members for answering his questions about the agenda.

1. Rep Megna, R. 97 entertained a motion by Rep. Zoni, D. 81 and seconded by Rep. Noujaim, S. 74 to raise the following concepts


1. AAC Mammograms and Breast Ultrasounds

2. AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Fertility Preservation for Insureds Diagnosed With Cancer

3. AAC Health Insurance Coverage for Services Rendered by Acupuncturists

4. AA Prohibiting Denial of Continued Prescription Drug Coverage

5. AA Prohibiting Coverage Restrictions for Insureds Diagnosed With Terminal Conditions

6. AA Requiring the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors to Report Additional Data

7. AA Authorizing Multistate Health Care Centers in Connecticut and Eliminating Health Carrier Filings of Utilization Review Reports

8. AAC Corporate Governance Annual Disclosures by Insurers and the Regulation of Risk Retention Groups

9. AAC the Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act

10. AAC the Licensure of Single Purpose Dental Health Care Centers

11. AAC Surety Bail Bond Agents

12. AAC the Insurance Department's Market Conduct Authority and Data Call Confidentiality

The motion was passed by voice vote

Rep. Sampson, R.80 asked if concepts 1-3 are mandates, and would they also pose as an additional tax for the state.

Rep. Megna, R. 97 mentioned that these concepts that are being raised wouldn't be a tax, only a concept.

Rep. Sampson, R. 80 mentioned that he is not pro adding additional taxes but simply trying to find out whether it's a mandate or not.

Rep. Megna, R. 97 asked if there were any more questions

Rep. Megna, R. 97 announced the next meeting of the committee will be held on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM in RM 2D.

The meeting went into recess at 12:23 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.


Chris Chinnici


Committee Assistant Clerk