Insurance and Real Estate Committee


Thursday, February 4, 2016

12:00 PM in Room 2D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 12:02 PM by Chairman, Sen. Crisco J. S17

The following committee members were present:


Crisco J. S17; Hartley J. S15; Kelly K. S21



Abercrombie C. 083; Cuevas V. 075; Johnson S. 049; Kupchick B. 132; MacLachlan J. 035; Megna R. 097; Randall C. 044; Riley E. 046; Sampson R. 080; Scott J. 040; Vail K. 052; Zoni D. 081


Absent were:





Currey J. 011; Dargan S. 115; Floren L. 149; Noujaim S. 074

Sen. Crisco, J. S17 welcomed everyone back and looks forward to working with everyone this session.

Rep. Megna, R 97 welcomed everyone back including the newest member Rep. MacLachlan J. 037 and congratulated Rep. Scott J. 040 and Rep. Randall C. 044 on their recent marriages.

Sen. Crisco, J. S17 welcomed the newest member Rep. MacLachlan J. 037 to the committee.

Rep. MacLachlan J. 037 thanked everyone for the warm welcome and looks forward to being on this committee.

Sen. Crisco, J. S17 called attention to the committee deadlines which were distributed.

Sen. Crisco, J. S17 stated that item 21 on the agenda will be held

Rep. Sampson, R. 80 asked why item 21 was being held

Sen. Crisco, J. 17 said the committee is waiting for additional information on item 21

1. Sen. Crisco, J. S17 entertained a motion by Rep. Abercrombie, C. 083 and seconded by Rep. Johnson, S. 49 to raise the following concepts


1. AAC Dispensation and Coverage of a Prescribed Drug for a Chronic Disease During Certain Adverse Determination Reviews and Decreasing the Time Frames for Urgent Care Adverse Determination Review Requests

2. AAC Insured's Access to Insurers for the Processing of Certain Coverage Requests

3. AAC Health Insurance Coverage for the transfer Between Hospitals of Mothers and Newborns

4. AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for the Purchase of Assistance Dogs

5. AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated With Streptococcal Infections

6. AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Patient lifts

7. AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Tomosynthesis for Breast Cancer Screenings

8. AAC Benefits Payable for Assessments to Determine a Diagnosis of a Mental or Nervous Condition and Related Consultations

9. AAC Health Insurance coverage of Orally and Intravenously Administered Medication

10. AAC Health Care Provider Network Adequacy

11. AAC Opioid Abuse

12. AAC Accelerated Benefits of Life Insurance Policies

13. AAC Homeowners Insurance

14. AAC the Residential Property Condition Report

15. AAC the Disclosure of Fees for the Processing of Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Policy Premium Payments

16 AAC Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies

17. AAC a Study of Health Insurance Coverage of and Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Epinephrine Pens

18. AA Requiring the Insurance Department to Study Driver Monitoring Devices Offered by Insurers

19. AAC Prior Review of Insurance Department Guidelines and Bulletins

20. AAC the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors

22. AAC the Commission on Health Equity

23. AAC the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

24. AAC the Legislative Commissioners Recommendations For Technical and Minor Changes to the Insurance and Related Statutes

The motion was passed by voice vote

Rep. Scott J. 40 mentioned the idea of bringing in an actuarial to educate the committee on certain items on the agenda.

Sen. Crisco J. S. 17 announced the next meeting of the committee will be held on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM in RM 2D.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:14PM.


Chris Chinnici


Committee Assistant Clerk