Human Services Committee

Meeting Agenda

Thursday, February 11, 2016

1:00 PM in Room 2A of the LOB

I. Convene Meeting

II. Remarks by the Chairs

III. Concepts to be Raised

1. An Act Providing Child Care for Assistance Recipients Enrolled in Approved Higher Education Programs

2. An Act Concerning Asset Limits in Eligibility Determinations for Medical Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

3. An Act Implementing the Recommendations of the Taskforce to Study Methods for Improving the Collection of Past Due Child Support

4. An Act Concerning Nursing Home Beds for AIDS Patients

5. An Act Concerning Residential Care Homes

6. An Act Concerning the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities

7. An Act Concerning the Treatment of the Cash Value of Life Insurance Policies when Evaluating Medicaid Eligibility

8. An Act Concerning Contributions from Spouses of Institutionalized Medicaid Recipients

9. An Act Concerning Improvements to Income Withholding for Child Support

10. An Act Concerning Modification of Support Orders in IV-D Cases

11. An Act Concerning Caregiver Agreements

12. An Act Renaming the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement to Office of Child Support Services

13. An Act Concerning Technical Changes to HUSKY Plus

14. An Act Concerning the Commission for Child Support Guidelines

15. An Act Concerning Payment of Funeral and Burial Expenses by the Department of Social Services

16. An Act Concerning Ambulatory Payment Classification

17. An Act Concerning the Creation of a Committee/Taskforce to Assist with Review and Development of a Strategic Plan for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities

18. An Act Concerning the Recoupment of State Costs Attributable to Low Wage Employers

19. An Act Concerning the Approval Process for Wheelchair Repairs

20. An Act Requiring the Department of Social Services to Submit Guidelines and Bulletins to the Committee of Cognizance for Review

21. An Act Concerning SNAP Benefits

22. An Act Concerning Non-Emergency Transportation for Medicaid Recipients

IV. Announcement of Time and Date of Next Meeting

V. Adjournment