Environment Committee


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10:30 AM in Room 1D of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 10:40 AM by Chairman, Rep. Albis J. 099.

The following committee members were present:


Chapin C. S30; Kennedy T. S12; Moore M. S22



Albis J. 099; Arconti D. 109; Byron G. 027; Carney D. 023; Case J. 063; Demicco M. 021; Dillon P. 092; Dubitsky D. 047; Gresko J. 121; Hennessy J. 127; McGorty B. 122; Miller P. 036; Miner C. 066; Mushinsky M. 085; Piscopo J. 076; Ryan K. 139; Scanlon S. 098; Shaban J. 135; Stafstrom S. 129; Tong W. 147; Tweedie M. 013; Urban D. 043; Willis R. 064; Ziobron M. 034


Absent were:





Megna R. 097; Mulligan G. 055

After calling the meeting to order, Representative Albis stated that a tribute for Representative Terry Backer will be held at the next committee meeting since not all the committee's leadership was not present.

Representative Albis then moved to Item III on the agenda and requested a motion raise items 1 -6. Motion was made by Representative Case and seconded by Representative Miller.

Representative Albis then asked if there was any discussion on these items. Representative Miner addressed number 2 on the agenda and asked if the bill would have a hunting or fishing component to it. Senator Kennedy responded that the bill does not have a component covering hunting and fishing.

Representative Miner then asked if there would a heightened level of penalty with specialized animals. Senator Kennedy responded that it is not specifically for the loss of a specialized animal such as a seeing-eye dog, but rather to compensate for the emotional distress due to a loss of a companion animal. Representative Miner then expressed his support for this concept.

A vote was then taken on the motion. Voice vote, motion passed.

Representative Albis then announced that the meeting would stay open until 2:00PM in the Environment Committee offices. He then announced that the next Committee meeting would be held on February 17th at 10:30AM in Room 2B of the Legislative Office Building, although this time could be subject to change.

The meeting was then recessed at 10:51AM.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM.


Jared Savas


Committee Clerk