Environment Committee


Friday, February 5, 2016

10:30 AM in Room 1E of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 10:44 AM by Chairman, Rep. Albis J. 099.

The following committee members were present:


Chapin C. S30; Kennedy T. S12



Albis J. 099; Byron G. 027; Case J. 063; Demicco M. 021; Dillon P. 092; Dubitsky D. 047; Gresko J. 121; Hennessy J. 127; McGorty B. 122; Miner C. 066; Mushinsky M. 085; Piscopo J. 076; Scanlon S. 098; Stafstrom S. 129; Tong W. 147; Ziobron M. 034


Absent were:



Moore M. S22



Arconti D. 109; Carney D. 023; Megna R. 097; Miller P. 036; Mulligan G. 055; Ryan K. 139; Shaban J. 135; Tweedie M. 013; Urban D. 043; Willis R. 064

After calling the meeting to order, Representative Albis welcomed the Committee members and attendees to the beginning of the legislative session. He then welcomed the Environment Committee's new Assistant Clerks and introduced Representative Gresko as the Committee's newest member. Representative Gresko then expressed his appreciation for being appointed to the Committee and stated his desire to work with his colleagues during the session.

Representative Albis then announced that Representative Shaban and Representative Tweedie would be absent due to business out of state, and that the absences of other members could be attributed to the inclement weather.

Senator Kennedy then welcomed the Committee back and expressed his desire for the Committee to meet the challenges they will face during the session while protecting the environment. He then introduced Senator Chapin, who stated that he looked forward to the Committee working in the same bipartisan manner that it always has.

Representative Albis then moved to Item IV on the agenda and requested a motion to raise items 1-41. The motion was made by Senator Chapin and seconded by Representative Scanlon.

Representative Albis then asked if there was any discussion on these items. Representative Miner addressed number 31and asked for more information on what legislation regarding consumer-based packaging materials would entail. Senator Kennedy responded that the meeting was just to raise concepts, the legislation is not currently conceptually developed and that the Committee would look forward to entertaining testimony from all stakeholders on this issue.

Representative Ziobron then asked the intent of numbers 15 and 30 on the agenda. Representative Albis replied that number 15 was a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection proposal dealing with the habituation of bears, and that number 30 was not conceptually drafted but that the Chairs would appreciate her input on the issue. Representative Ziobron then highlighted the importance of number 30 on the agenda and said she looked forward to working with the Committee on this issue.

A vote was then taken on the motion. Voice vote, motion passed.

Representative Albis then announced that, due to the inclement weather, attendance for the meeting would be held open until 4:00 PM in the Environment Committee offices. He then announced that the next Environment Committee meeting would be held on February 10th at 10:30 AM in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building.

The meeting was then recessed at 10:54 AM.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.


Jared Savas


Committee Clerk