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Raised Bill No. 5312

February Session, 2016


LCO No. 1186



Referred to Committee on ENVIRONMENT


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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Subsection (a) of section 22-326s of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage):

(a) As used in this section:

(1) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Agriculture.

(2) "Dealer" means [a producer who is a wholesaler, distributor or hauler of live poultry or hatching eggs or] any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of (A) buying, receiving, selling, bartering, exchanging, negotiating or soliciting the sale, resale or exchange of live poultry or hatching eggs, or (B) the transportation, transfer or shipment of any live poultry or hatching eggs.

(3) "Hauler" means any person, firm or corporation that transports live poultry or hatching eggs from premises to premises, to a distributor, to a live bird market or to a dealer.

(4) "Live bird market" means a [facility at which live poultry or hatching eggs are congregated for sale or to be slaughtered and dressed for sale to the public or restaurants or to be sold live for any purpose] a retail establishment that sells live poultry directly to an end consumer or restaurant and that slaughters such live poultry on-site for such consumer or restaurant.

(5) "Poultry" means any species of domestic fowl, including, but not limited to, chickens, turkeys, ostriches, emus, rheas, cassowaries, waterfowl and game birds raised for food production, breeding, exhibition or sale.

(6) "Producer" means any person, firm or corporation engaged in the breeding, raising or keeping of poultry for the purpose of food production, [hatching] table egg production or for [show or exhibition] showing or exhibiting such poultry.

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Section 1

from passage


Statement of Purpose:

To modernize and eliminate redundancies in the terminology of the poultry dealer licensing statute.

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