PA 16-161—sSB 140

Environment Committee

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee

Commerce Committee


SUMMARY: This act expands the Connecticut Marketing Authority's (CMA) administrative powers to include the leasing, permitting, or licensing of property under its control. Prior law allowed it only to lease its land or markets.

By law, CMA may lease to an agricultural cooperative, a farm produce or supply wholesaler, a dealer in other commodities, or anyone providing essential services to the market. The act allows CMA to (1) permit or license these entities and (2) lease to, permit, or license an entity that benefits market operations.

The act applies existing requirements related to administering CMA leases to the leases, permits, and licenses the act covers. Such requirements address (1) their duration, renewal, and termination and (2) written records of CMA's actions. Changes to the status of a lease, permit, or license must be reported to the Office of Policy and Management secretary.

Lastly, the act requires CMA to adopt regulations to address the expanded authority to lease, permit, and license its property. Prior law required regulations on leasing land and markets.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage


Connecticut Marketing Authority (CMA)

The CMA is an 11-member board within the Department of Agriculture. It oversees the operation and planning of the Hartford Regional Market, a wholesale farmers' market. The market allows farmers and wholesalers to sell and distribute food and other agricultural products and is funded by fees it generates.

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