OLR Research Report


By: Janet Kaminski Leduc, Senior Legislative Attorney


For each gun range located on state-owned property, provide its size by acreage, when it was built and last upgraded, and the cost of upgrades made in the past 10 years.


We identified eight gun ranges located on Connecticut state-owned property, as reported by the Military Department and the departments of Correction (DOC), Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), and Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

While located on state-owned property, not all of the ranges are state owned and operated. For example, the range used by the Military Department is federally owned, and DEEP operates two ranges located on state property in cooperation with private entities. The ranges used by DOC and DESPP are all state owned and operated. Additionally, there is one archery range located on state property operated by DEEP, which receives Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration funds to operate and maintain its ranges.

Table 1 provides information for each identified shooting range.

TABLE 1: Shooting Ranges on State-Owned Property

Military Department

East Haven Rifle Range

(Army National Guard)

Size: 138 acres

Built: Acquired property in 1905 for use by the armed forces of Connecticut

Last Upgraded: In 2005, renovation began to construct a modern Army range, which was completed in 2011

Cost of Recent Upgrades: Undisclosed, but the Connecticut National Guard received federal Military Construction funds for the renovation

Department of Correction

District 1 – Enfield

Size: Approximately 3 acres, including a 10,800 square foot building

Built: Completed in 2004

Last Upgraded: Three projects in 2008 and 2010 for structural renovations, environmental remediation, and energy conservation

Cost of Recent Upgrades: $993,552 for the three projects total

District 2 – Chesire

Size: Approximately 3 acres, including a 11,300 square foot open air range and a 6,000 square foot enclosed pistol range

Built: 1999 (open air) and 2001 (enclosed)

Last Upgraded: 2012, ventilation upgrade at enclosed range

Cost of Recent Upgrade: $446.778.20

Table 1 (Cont.)

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

State Police Range – Simsbury

Size: Approximately 13 acres, including 4 acres for a pistol range and a rifle range

Built: 1947 by the U.S. Army and purchased in 1962 by the State of Connecticut

Last Upgraded: In 1968 when a classroom and range tower were constructed

Cost of Recent Upgrades: None disclosed (No substantial upgrades in the last 10 years, other than mitigating damage caused by flooding from the Farmington River)

Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Range - Meriden

Size: Approximately 1.3 acres

Built: 1971 or 1972

Last Upgraded: In 2004 and 2005, the range building was renovated, and in 2013, the berm was mined for projectiles, regarded, and extended

Cost of Recent Upgrades: Approximately $150,000 for the two projects total

Table 1 (Cont.)

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Glastonbury Public Shooting Range

Size: 40 acres, including a 4 acre range

Built: 1980

Last Upgraded: In 2005, constructed a participant viewing pavilion and multi-distance shooting station

Cost of Recent Upgrade: $15,189 for materials; DEEP staff and equipment were used

High Rock Cooperative Shooting Range – Naugatuck

Size: 1.25 acres

Built: 1985 and operated in cooperation with the High Rock Shooting Association, Inc.

Last Upgraded: In 2013 for erosion enhancement project and access road improvements (Hunter's Mountain Road) and in 2014 for access reconstruction (Spruce Brook Road)

Cost of Recent Upgrades: $289,334 for the three projects total, plus $5,000 from High Rock Association, Inc.; DEEP staff and equipment were used for some work

Wooster Mountain Cooperative Shooting Range - Danbury

Size: Approximately 7.4 acres

Built: 1948 and operated in cooperation with the Danbury Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

Last Upgraded: Undisclosed, maintenance and improvements are the responsibility of the Danbury Shooting Sports Association, Inc.

Nye Holman Field Archery Range – Tolland

Size: 39 acres

Built: 1960s, formally designated in 1994

Last Upgraded: In 2006, for a volunteer Boy Scout range reconstruction project

Cost of Recent Upgrades: $1,900