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General Assembly



January Session, 2015

LCO No. 6744



Offered by:


REP. CANDELORA, 86th Dist.


To: Subst. House Bill No. 6949

File No. 627

Cal. No. 397


After the last section, add the following and renumber sections and internal references accordingly:

"Sec. 501. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2015) Any health care provider or pharmacist authorized to administer vaccines shall obtain informed consent from any person to whom such provider or pharmacist intends to administer a vaccine by (1) disclosing to such person (A) all ingredients contained in such vaccine, including, but not limited to, any chemical, excipient, preservative or filler, (B) whether or not such vaccine contains a live virus, contaminant or fetal tissue, and (C) all known material risks of such vaccine; and (2) advising such patient of any feasible alternative to such vaccine. "

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Sec. 501

October 1, 2015

New section