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Raised Bill No. 7012

January Session, 2015


LCO No. 5208



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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Subdivision (7) of subsection (c) of section 7-148 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2015):

(7) (A) (i) Make rules relating to the maintenance of safe and sanitary housing;

(ii) Regulate the mode of using any buildings when such regulations seem expedient for the purpose of promoting the safety, health, morals and general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality;

(iii) Regulate and prohibit the moving of buildings upon or through the streets or other public places of the municipality, and cause the removal and demolition of unsafe buildings and structures;

(iv) Regulate and provide for the licensing of parked trailers when located off the public highways, and trailer parks or mobile manufactured home parks, except as otherwise provided by special act and except where there exists a local zoning commission so empowered;

(v) Establish lines beyond which no buildings, steps, stoop, veranda, billboard, advertising sign or device, fence or other structure or obstruction may be erected and establish lines beyond which no tree, shrub or other vegetation may be planted;

(vi) Regulate and prohibit the placing, erecting or keeping of signs, awnings or other things upon or over the sidewalks, streets and other public places of the municipality;

(vii) Regulate plumbing and house drainage;

(viii) Prohibit or regulate the construction of dwellings, apartments, boarding houses, hotels, commercial buildings, youth camps or commercial camps and commercial camping facilities in such municipality unless the sewerage facilities have been approved by the authorized officials of the municipality;

(B) (i) Regulate and prohibit, in a manner not inconsistent with the general statutes, traffic, the operation of vehicles on streets and highways, off-street parking and on-street residential neighborhood parking areas in which on-street parking is limited to residents of a given neighborhood, as determined by the municipality;

(ii) Regulate the speed of vehicles, subject to the provisions of the general statutes relating to the regulation of the speed of motor vehicles and of animals, and the driving or leading of animals through the streets;

(C) Regulate and prohibit the construction or use, and require the removal of sinks, cesspools, drains, sewers, privies, barns, outhouses and poultry pens and houses;

(D) (i) Regulate and prohibit the going at large of dogs and other animals in the streets and public places of the municipality and prevent cruelty to animals and all inhuman sports, except that no municipality shall adopt breed-specific dog ordinances;

(ii) Regulate and prohibit the keeping of wild or domestic animals, including reptiles, within the municipal limits or portions thereof;

(E) Define, prohibit and abate within the municipality all nuisances and causes thereof, and all things detrimental to the health, morals, safety, convenience and welfare of its inhabitants and cause the abatement of any nuisance at the expense of the owner or owners of the premises on which such nuisance exists;

(F) (i) Keep streets, sidewalks and public places free from undue noise and nuisances, and prohibit loitering thereon;

(ii) Regulate loitering on private property with the permission of the owner thereof;

(iii) Prohibit the loitering in the nighttime of minors on the streets, alleys or public places within its limits;

(iv) Prevent trespassing on public and private lands and in buildings in the municipality;

(G) Prevent vice and suppress gambling houses, houses of ill-fame and disorderly houses;

(H) (i) Secure the safety of persons in or passing through the municipality by regulation of shows, processions, parades and music;

(ii) Regulate and prohibit the carrying on within the municipality of any trade, manufacture, business or profession which is, or may be, so carried on as to become prejudicial to public health, conducive to fraud and cheating, or dangerous to, or constituting an unreasonable annoyance to, those living or owning property in the vicinity;

(iii) Regulate auctions and garage and tag sales;

(iv) Prohibit, restrain, license and regulate the business of peddlers, auctioneers and junk dealers in a manner not inconsistent with the general statutes;

(v) Regulate and prohibit swimming or bathing in the public or exposed places within the municipality;

(vi) Regulate and license the operation of amusement parks and amusement arcades including, but not limited to, the regulation of mechanical rides and the establishment of the hours of operation;

(vii) Prohibit, restrain, license and regulate all sports, exhibitions, public amusements and performances and all places where games may be played;

(viii) Preserve the public peace and good order, prevent and quell riots and disorderly assemblages and prevent disturbing noises;

(ix) Establish a system to obtain a more accurate registration of births, marriages and deaths than the system provided by the general statutes in a manner not inconsistent with the general statutes;

(x) Control insect pests or plant diseases in any manner deemed appropriate;

(xi) Provide for the health of the inhabitants of the municipality and do all things necessary or desirable to secure and promote the public health;

(xii) Regulate the use of streets, sidewalks, highways, public places and grounds for public and private purposes;

(xiii) Make and enforce police, sanitary or other similar regulations and protect or promote the peace, safety, good government and welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants;

(xiv) Regulate, in addition to the requirements under section 7-282b, the installation, maintenance and operation of any device or equipment in a residence or place of business which is capable of automatically calling and relaying recorded emergency messages to any state police or municipal police or fire department telephone number or which is capable of automatically calling and relaying recorded emergency messages or other forms of emergency signals to an intermediate third party which shall thereafter call and relay such emergency messages to a state police or municipal police or fire department telephone number. Such regulations may provide for penalties for the transmittal of false alarms by such devices or equipment;

(xv) Make and enforce regulations for the prevention and remediation of housing blight, including regulations reducing assessments and authorizing designated agents of the municipality to enter property during reasonable hours for the purpose of remediating blighted conditions, provided such regulations define housing blight and require such municipality to give written notice of any violation to the owner and occupant of the property and provide a reasonable opportunity for the owner and occupant to remediate the blighted conditions prior to any enforcement action being taken, and further provided such regulations shall not authorize such municipality or its designated agents to enter any dwelling house or structure on such property, and including regulations establishing a duty to maintain property and specifying standards to determine if there is neglect; prescribe civil penalties for the violation of such regulations of not less than ten or more than one hundred dollars for each day that a violation continues and, if such civil penalties are prescribed, such municipality shall adopt a citation hearing procedure in accordance with section 7-152c;

(xvi) Regulate, on any property owned by the municipality, any activity deemed to be deleterious to public health, including the lighting or carrying of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or similar device;

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Section 1

October 1, 2015


Statement of Purpose:

To ensure that a municipality is vested with the authority to prohibit the construction of fences or the planting of trees, shrubs or other vegetation that would interfere with a property owner's ability to enjoy his or her own property.

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