PA 15-37—sSB 898

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee


SUMMARY: This act reassigns the authority and responsibility for providing certain doctoral programs between the UConn Board of Trustees and Connecticut State University System (CSUS) Board of Trustees. (Since 2012, the Board of Regents for Higher Education has served as the CSUS Board of Trustees. ) The act (1) reiterates the exclusive responsibility of the UConn Board of Trustees to provide programs leading to research doctoral, doctor of medicine, doctor of dental medicine, and juris doctor degrees and (2) grants authority to the CSUS Board of Trustees to provide professional doctoral degree programs other than those reserved for UConn (see BACKGROUND).

The act removes from the UConn Board of Trustees the exclusive responsibility to provide post-baccalaureate professional degree programs.

It also requires the CSUS Board of Trustees to consider the following criteria when approving professional doctoral degree programs:

1. the effect the proposed program would have on the budget of the state university seeking to offer the program,

2. whether expertise in the program's subject matter currently exists at the state university,

3. current and projected accreditation standards governing the program, and

4. current and projected professional standards in the occupational field for which students would qualify for employment upon graduating from the program.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2015


Doctoral Degrees

Research doctoral degrees, or PhDs, focus on developing new knowledge in a field of study and are primarily the purview of research universities.

Professional doctoral degrees emphasize skills, practical knowledge, and application of research to practical clinical experience.

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