PA 15-145—sSB 1056 (VETOED)

Education Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires each local and regional board of education, beginning July 15, 2016, to annually report its special education expenditures for the prior fiscal year to the State Department of Education (SDE). Each report must include at least:

1. the board of education's total special education expenditures,

2. such spending as a percentage of total school district expenditures, and

3. individual expenditures for each child requiring special education who is under the board's jurisdiction.

The act exempts these annual reports from the Freedom of Information Act, except for any of their contents that a strategic school profile report, which is a public record, might also contain (see BACKGROUND).

It also requires SDE, annually by October 1, to submit to the Education Committee a report, using the disaggregated data submitted by boards, that details local and regional board of education special education expenditures for the prior fiscal year. At a minimum, the report must include a breakdown of the total number of special education students in each district whose per-pupil educational cost to the district exceeds its “net current expenditures per resident student” multiplied by (1) two, (2) two and a half, (3) three, (4) three and a half, (5) four, and (6) four and a half. The act does not define “net current expenditures per resident student; ” however, existing law defines “net current expenditures” and “resident students” separately.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2015


Strategic School Profile Report

These reports contain school and district information about various topics, such as student needs, school resources, student and school performance, and the provision of special education services. By law, local and regional boards of education must create and submit these reports to the education commissioner (CGS 10-220).

Related Act

PA 15-99, 2, defines “net current expenditures per resident student” to mean, in any school year, the net current expenditures for such school year (i. e. , total current educational expenditures, with certain exceptions) divided by the number of resident students in the town for that school year.

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